Mixing in Coffee with Soylent?


Has anyone tried this? Do you think it’s a good idea? Basically replace some/all of the “water” content of a soylent (DIY or otherwise) with brewed coffee.


I dont see why it would hurt anything. If you are already a coffee drinker and arent caffeine sensitive I would say go for it. I will give it a try when mine finally gets here.


I added about 1/4cup to my morning Soylent just this morning. Nice morning kick


I have used a cup of decaffeinated with 12 ounces of S and I liked the flavor. I also liked that S was diluted and could drink this combo every day.


As long as you are aware of caffine lowering your absorbtion of many vitamins and minerals in your guts :slight_smile: I dont actually remember by how much… But feel free to google it

150mg caffine apparently makes you lose out on about 5mg calcium or something… Caffine
Also increases the secretion of those vitamins and minerals or something :slight_smile: not by a huge amount though?


Just made a pouch of Soylent the other day with coffee instead of water. I don’t drink coffee but my gal and our guest do, so they’ve been working through it. They said it was REALLY strong (I don’t know wtf I’m doing when I make coffee so… my bad LOL) but delicious. One comment was that it tasted like a starbucks frappacino…


Possibly a stupid question, but do you add the coffee hot or cold?


I let it cool. It’s like an iced latte.


Same here, I let it sit overnight to cool to room temperature and mixed the Soylent with that, then of course put it in the fridge to get cold before anyone drank any.


I’ve begun adding two tablespoons of instant coffee to a small Nalgene bottle filled halfway with Soylent, and the other half with water and couple of ice cubes. It’s about 15oz total. It’s become my morning breakfast, and it gets me off to work and to the coffee pot there.

For reference, I mix my Soylent powder/oil with enough water to make about 2L of finished product.


I just tried it with People Chow: Brewed a pot of coffee for my coworker and I, then chilled a cup of coffee in the freezer for ~10 minutes, mixed it in my blender bottle of soylent, and chilled further in freezer for ~10 more minutes. It needed some sweetness to compensate for the bitterness of the coffee (I like dark roasts), so added 2 packets (2 grams) of Stevia, and voila! Coffee smoothee, with a good frozen texture. Next time I need to bring in some caramel and make it official :smiley: YMMV