Mixing in Vitamin D/K drops?


Just got my vitamin D &K drops. But the recipe only calls for 6 drops a day.

If i add them to the week of powder do you think they’ll mix in OK?
Maybe I should add them to my big bottle of oil instead.

Anyone out there using the D&K drops?


I use the Thorne Research D/K2 drops. I only do 2 drops and I typically just add the drops the morning after the Soylent has soaked in water. I add the D/K2, Omega 3-6-9 oil, olive oil and vanilla extract. Not sure if mixing the drops into a big oil bottle would work - how would you gauge how many drops of D/K you are consuming per portion of oil?


That’s a lot of drops, what are you using? I’m using 1 drop of Thorne Research D3/K2 a day. I weigh my oils into daily bottles and have always put the drops in as well.


This is why I went with capsules. Just open cap, dump in powder.


Yup… six drops is about 500%. Seems a little much for the long term. I’m going to cut it back to 1 or 2 drops.

I think I’ll do the math and add it to my oil. I may go with the powder capsules in the future.