Mixing my own DIY: Simplest almost complete snack, not full meal replacement


Hi all, I’m trying to mix a bit of my own DIY until I get Soylent. I was looking to base it primarily on People Chow since it seems fairly popular. However, I don’t intend to live 100% on it (I get at least 1-2 regular meals a day with coworkers etc.), so I’m looking for a nice/good/easy snack and backup food. And since I expect to get regular meals for at least ~50% of my diet, I thought I could get rid of quite a few items for ~90% completeness and still be fine. I was looking for some feedback on this from others who might understand these things better than me.

For example salt is very abundant in regular meals. Also, the K vitamin is quite abundant in normal diet (people rarely have deficiencies) so getting two pill bottles for it seems excessive, and Stevia in People Chow is just a taste convenience. For Choline/Mg/Ca/K, it also seems like Masa/Whey/GNC get up to pretty good levels and the rest I would expect to get from the few sandwiches/salads/burritos/meals here and there etc.

That leaves me with primarily Whey for protein, Masa for Carbs, GNS for a lot of misc, and Olive Oil for fat, in what I call SimpleChow. This turns out to be almost nutritionally complete and only has 4 simple ingredients. Has anyone else mixed a similar bare-bones product, or seen more discussion surrounding this idea of sporadic good-enough and easy to mix soylent? Thanks!


I leave out some of the smaller ingredients when i am testing recipes.

I also left them out for a while because I was only replacing breakfast. But now I am drinking it more and more so I’m adding in the choline and Vit D K , a little more salts, etc.

What your doing is perfectly fine. See if you like the concept and then invest more cash in ingredients if you are going to stick with it.



Why not try using an oil rich in omega 3 like walnut oil or canola oil occasionaly? I dont think thats available in regular food like the other nutrients. Or a canola/fish oil blend like older soylent versions did?

That is if you are still using the DIY.