Mixing powders, pastes and oils


Rather than having to add pastes (peanut butter) and oils (hempseed, olive oil) each day - is it okay to mix everything together in advance (it mixes into a fairly homogenous crumble-like mix) and then add water for that day? It makes storing it, partitioning out a day’s supply, etc. a lot easier. Any downsides to pre-mixing in the oils and pastes?

This is the recipe I’m using: http://www.makesoylent.com/recipes/iifym-1500-calorie-soylent-w-pb


What I do is to separately mix up a week of the liquids, and a week of the dry solids. Both go in the fridge, and each day I take a portion out. You may be okay, but definitely keep it in the fridge. If I were you I would make three days worth and see how it survives. Then 4, then 5… build up until you find the limit at which it goes bad, then step back a bit. Bear in mind if you get close to the limit of how long it will stay good in the fridge for, it will probably go bad quicker when you take it out for the day too. You can only try and see really as it will be different for all recipes.


Yes, you can do it. Main downsides are that it might decrease shelf life (oils go rancid, and the added moisture in pastes might make it easier for microbes to grow), and that it might make chunks which are harder to eliminate in mixing (but if you’re using a blender you’ll probably have no problem).


Thanks - I put the day’s portion of the combined mixture into a blender bottle and that seems to do a pretty good job of breaking down any chunks. I like the idea of trying to do N, then N+1 days in advance until I see a problem - and keeping it in the fridge is a good precaution (except for the fact the volume of mixture is pretty significant). Seems like the official soylent recipe breaks out the oils separately until the day of consumption, so perhaps there is a good reason for doing so.