Mixing Soylent Smoothly


I’m about to mix up my 3rd day of Soylent.
So far I’ve had issues getting a smooth mix so that, even after chilling in the fridge, it has a bit of a gritty texture to it and I end up with a sludge at the bottom of my glass).
I’m mixing by putting some water in the pitcher, adding the Soylent powder, adding water to about 2/3 of the pitcher, and then closing it up and shaking it a lot every which way for several minutes.
Then I open it back up, put the oil in, and fill it to where the bottom of the top ends up when it’s closed. More shaking follows.

I’ve also bothered shaking it up some more when i’m near the fridge and before pouring it.

Each glass is 16 to 18 oz and the pitcher comes to around 72 oz [after removing the weight of the pitcher itself).
My water is tap water run through a 3 stage filter.

Any ideas on what i’m doing wrong here?
I’ll move to my blender if I have to but I was hoping to avoid having another thing to clean up later.


im on day 2… i tried warm water when i mixed mine and that helped enough to notice the difference. still gets set to the bottom until i shake again and pour more…

im thinking of trying a blender next week…


Sounds right to me, that’s basically my exact method. I do tend to give the pitcher a bit of a swirl & shake before each pour, and I fill my insulated container rather than a glass. When I did drink out of glasses, I found a little bit of residue left on the walls of the glass and bottom, but nothing I would ever have deemed “sludge”. Seems that each person’s own tolerance/definition of “grit” is a factor as well. I notice it has a texture when drinking, but not much different from drinking a smoothie or milkshake to me.

Maybe a blender will work better for you… worth a shot at least!


I pretty much use your method as it’s pretty much what I planned to do to begin with but with more testing since I just received my Soylent :wink: Lots of forum reading happened while I was semi-patiently waiting.

The gritty feel isn’t much different than a milkshake would be but it doesn’t dissolve on the tongue the same way so I find it a little more noticeable, possibly because Soylent is much thinner than a milkshake.

The sludge effect is something I’m seeing in everything so far but that just consists of some Eco Vessle thermoses and metal vessels. I haven’t used an actual glass.

I’ll be trying warm water instead of cool water next time around and see if there’s an improvement.
It just seems like it all hasn’t dissolved, to me.


What about a portable mixing pitcher/cup/container?

Battery powered of course…Built into the container…

I haven’t mixed a batch yet but gimme a few hours


I dont think it will completely dissolve. Im trying the blender next week, but its just a guess.

I use these to drink out of though. much easier to clean and the grit doesnt stick to the sides.

It was recommended by another user in another thread. @shadowhawkxx i think bought them…



Just got my first order this morning! After waiting a couple hours, my first glass to seemed to settle and I was left with a bit of what fell to the bottom, and the last few sips were noticeably thicker. Now I am drinking out of http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005EGY4IE/ref=pe_385040_30332200_TE_item and I give it a shake every once in a while, that helped a lot.


I’ve been on official soylent for a week today, and so far my method has been to use a blender. Shaking alone didn’t do it for me.

I add 1 liter of water to the blender pitcher and start the blender on mix
Then I add the soylent powder through the opening of the blender pitcher lid - I do this to avoid sludge at the bottom below the blades.
Then when all powder is in I add the oil.
Then this is where I add anything else, lately additional salt (Texas has hot summers, sweating is important)

In the fridge overnight, and always a thorough shake before pouring in whatever container.


wait, you start the blender with the lid off and then add the powder?


Indeed, the RSVP stainless glasses were from a thread of mine.

They’re working pretty well. Maybe just a little bigger than I need them to be… if I could get just like a 10 or 20% smaller version, that would be perfect. But it’s a minor gripe.

Honestly, I haven’t even felt the need to legitimately “wash” mine yet. Rinsing it out after use and wiping the inside with a paper towel works just fine.


Yep, thats all i do. Thanks for the link since i didnt thank you proper. :slight_smile:


No, my pitcher lid has a removable center cap to add things in as the blender is operating, that is how I add the powder to the mixing water.


I always start the blender first and then remove lid to add any powder. If you add the powder slowly while the blender is on you avoid any sticking to the sides or bottom.


Some of the particulate will NOT dissolve in water. I’ve found that using a blender (mine’s a blendtec, which may have something to do with it) produces the most consistently smooth soylent. Try a blender if you have one. The more powerful the blender, the better.


I don’t have my Soylent yet (it should be here tomorrow). I do have a nice blender, and thought about using it to mix it up, but I know from making smoothies there can be quite a bit of the beverage left clinging to the sides after pouring it out. Is that also an issue Soylent, or is it thinner, and less clingy?


Adding a blender ball to the pitcher would help.


Use a wand style blender. Works great and you dont have to let it sit to have it be smooth


I agree with spinkick - my Cuisinart hand blender (stick type) works very well - and makes blending in fruit (berries, etc.) particularly easy. No cleanup hassles like with a traditional blender.


I mixed today’s Soylent with warm tap water [my water filter specifically said something about using only cold water through it] with my blender.
It was messier than usual and came up short when I poured it into the pitcher so I had to add some more water.
In the end though, it’s quite a bit smoother than it was before only getting that gritty feel at the very bottom, no actual sludge.

The last few comments are suggesting immersion blenders [I believe that’s what they’re called] and I’ll have to look into them as mine is already too small for a days mix at a time and got a bit messy.


After two weeks on only Soylent, I’ve found two factors that can help to keep the grit to a minimum.

1) Oil - NEVER add the oil to the powder. Only add it after you’ve mixed the powder with water.

2) Temperature - After reading about my experience, Matt Cauble reached out to me and suggested I try mixing it with warm water. I now use hot water whenever possible for best results.

3) Blender - The blender mixes the powder in ways my pitcher just can’t. I let it run for ~1 minute.

Obviously, Soylent is still perfectly fine even if you ignore all the above rules; but if your goal is to minimize the silty quality of Soylent, I wouldn’t recommend it.