Mixing Soylent with frozen fruit

If I put a substantial amount of frozen fruit into the People Chow DIY to mask its taste, does that mess up the total nutrient value in any significant way?

FIY: DIY soylent is lower case, official Soylent is upper case. I learned this on the forum a few months ago…

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It could. I would suggest adding the type of fruit and the amount of each to your recipe at diy.soylent.me to see the changes.

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It wouldn’t “mess it up” - it would supplement it. Shouldn’t be a problem unless you’re sticking so many bananas in there you wind up with hyperkalemia, which I’m guessing isn’t likely in your case.

That may be so on these forums, but not in regular parlance.

Neat, I didn’t know I could do that.

I’m going to mix my official Soylent with frozen blueberries, at least once. I’ve been told it tastes like everything from “nothing” to “vanilla cake” to “oatmeal” to “malt,” and blueberries should work with any of those flavors.

Someone mixed it with frozen cherries and said it was amazing. (Maybe not here. Maybe on Tumblr?)

And, yeah, it’ll increase the calorie count, but not a whole lot. It’ll increase the sugar and fiber and some of the nutrients, too. I second @sharkerty’s suggestion: add the fruit to your DIY soylent recipe, and see what it does.

Actually, I love steeping craisins in hot water and adding them into my soylent, utterly delicious.

I’m planning on a Pina Soylada version with crushed pineapple and coconut milk.


That would be pretty awesome actually.

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In my personal experience, blueberry’s are not a good mix, in practice. Dose not go well with the fat in soylent. Tastes awful, and I felt like puking…

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When my official stuff gets here, I plan on buying some frozen mango to put in it. Nutrition be damned!

I’m also going to experiment with a lot of other flavorings, and will probably make my own thread for results at that time.

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I agree with @SyntacticSugars. Blueberries were awful in my DIY soylent. However, when I added frozen black cherries to my Soylent, it was dreamy. @web_kunoichi web_kunoichi you may have seen it on my Tumblr.

Also, I tried adding coffee. Too gritty. But I want to perfect that one!


To clarify, you meant coffee grounds? Or brewed? Why would the latter make it gritty? Our was the texture too off putting for the taste?

I find blueberries too variable in flavor. Cherries I can see being excellent

I used brewed French press. I can’t explain why it was grittier. Perhaps there’s more coffee sediment than other forms of brewing? Or the two liquid consistencies don’t blend as well? What did work was when I made it a frozen coffee Soylent drink.

I might try Aeropress next time. It may filter better.

So I ended up actually moving away from adding fruit. I just wasn’t putting enough water in the mix! Now it tastes fine.

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Just made a bag of Soylent with 2 bananas and 1/2 carton of strawberries… heavenly :raised_hands:

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