Mixing Soylent with more water than usual


Hey all! I just wanted to point out that I’ve never followed the Soylent guidelines for scoops of water (1 scoop Soylent and 2 scoops water). Does anyone else do this? Our do most people do with the guideline?

Soylent with too little water looks like gruel to me lol, I end up adding like 6 scoops of water for my 1.5 scoops of soylent (+ 5g metamucil). It then ends up like a flavored drink, sort of watery with chunks of soylent - which I actually like a lot.

By the way, I prepare once meal at a time, with a spoon and a 24 oz mug c:

PS wanted to make a poll but I don’t see an option for it on my cellphone interface!


I never used the scoop. Trying to get it to work from the pouch is too much a pain. I always mix a whole pouch into the regular 2 liter pitcher. When I get some out, I always add more water to cut the slime. I would always recommend adding the amount of water that tastes right to you. Just use the recommended amount as a starting point.


I do this, because I often mix it with iced coffee, so it usually ends up being 4 parts water 1 part Soylent.


If my 1.4 soaks, I have to add twice the water to make the texture tolerable. (If I drink it fresh, full strength is fine.) Didn’t have to do that with earlier versions, so I made and presoaked a pitcher at a time then.


I tried using the pitcher and leaving soylent in the fridge for a while - is this soaking? But yeah when this happens I add double the water to make the texture ok. But it still ends up good once I add the water :3


Yes, leaving it mixed in the pitcher in the fridge is soaking. Thank goodness that adding more water improves the texture after that.