Mixing this stuff is a pain


I’m almost through my first week of ~80% Soylent diet (powder v1.8). I’ve got to say, I actually really love this stuff. The flavor isn’t bad at all, I love the creamy texture, the minimal grit doesn’t bother me.

But what really bugs me out is preparing the stuff using the standard pitcher. The powder has this strange property where once water hits it, it forms a coating that blocks any additional water from soaking through it and making it dissolve. And then it ends up sticking to the bottom and sides in flour-y mud clumps. I thought, that’s cool, I’ll just stir it with a wooden spoon. NOPE. Must’ve lost a half serving of powder on the spoon when I pulled it out since this stuff clings like napalm.

So how do you guys prepare it? I want to keep drinking this stuff, but it would be nice if it wasn’t such a headache.


You have to do the Soylent Shake™!


One thing I learned the hard way - NEVER just pour the water into the powder and let it sit in the fridge without being thoroughly shaken. This does not end well.

Oh also, personally I’ve switched to 2.0 RTD (Ready To Drink) and for the convenience factor alone I could never go back. I still mix powder (1.3) for my other half though as she can’t seem to comfortably digest “regular flavor” 2.0 for some odd reason. But when we run out of that in another 3-6 months, I don’t see us buying powder ever again. Bottles are way too convenient and easy.


Here’s my method:

  1. Get scissors; cut small slit into soylent bag.
  • Lets a bit of air into the bag so it can settle to the bottom, so when I open it it doesn’t spill out.
  1. Fill pitcher about 1/4 full with water.
  2. Put in additives.
  • I add some cacao or cinnamon powder for flavor, a spoon of whey protein, and some creatine powder. Whatever extras you want to add, for whatever reason, do it now.
  1. Close pitcher, shake about 3 seconds.
  2. Open pitcher, add soylent.
  • I use the scissors here, and cut below the re-sealable ziplock thing. Powder gets stuck in there, makes it harder to get the top of the bag into the pitcher, it just annoys me. If it doesn’t bother you, great! You do you. :nerd:
  1. Settle powder in pitcher, add water, shake about 10 sec.
  • Give the pitcher a few taps on the counter to settle it. When you add the water, you want it to sit on top of the powder. Any powder that floats to the top might stick to the lid; little floaters probably won’t stick, big ones definitely will. Fill water to the top, minus an inch or two. Close lid, shake, 10-15 sec is fine.
  1. Add the rest of the water, shake more, refrigerate.
  • Shake to your satisfaction; I usually do another 10-15 seconds. I almost always give it 8 hours in the fridge before I drink it. Be sure to give it another little shake before you pour.

Whole thing takes me >5 minutes, probably because I put so much extra stuff in step 3. If you like your soylent virgin and skip step 3 it can probably be done in >2 minutes.


Ive actually thrown one of my blender balls in my pitched (essentially a wire whisk ball) and it helps immensely


I would echo the advice about (1) putting some water in the pitcher, then putting in the Soylent, then more water and shake; and (2) using the whisk ball from a blender bottle. Additionally, if you have one, an immersion blender works great.


Thanks for the replies! @Geatian - I followed your instructions and seemed to avoid most of my previous issues. :grinning:


I second the immersion blender! It only takes 10/15 seconds to mix it all up perfectly. You still need to shake originally as in the above, but not as much since the immersion blender will take care of any lumps. I usually have a bunch of small lumps floating around before I start blending.


While we’re discussing 1st world problems… Why is it the bags in some batches seem to open up the top end of the pouch so there are no clumps of powder stuck at the top… and others take herculean acts to get the powder clear before opening?

I’ll try the scissor trick…


I’ve noticed that as well but don’t know what causes it. I usually tear just a tiny bit of the top off - JUST enough to allow air in, then I fold the top flap over so no powder can fly out, and I let the bag drop (while holding onto the top flap) onto the counter a few times. Then the powder all settles nicely.


My guess is there’s an air pressure differential between you and the packaging facility. Either we’re getting bags sent from multiple facilities at different altitudes, or sometimes they’re packing bags during a low barometric pressure weather system, and sometimes during a high barometric pressure system. Temperature difference might do it too; if they’re packing bags in a warm warehouse, and your house is cold, what little air that’s in the bag is gonna shrink like a frightened turtle.

But that’s just a guess. Could probably do some SCIENCE to narrow it down, but I’m too lazy. :sleeping:


Damn, so many different methods, opinions, and replies. Obviously, this is too complicated and/or annoying. That’s why I moved to the following method:

  1. Buy 2.0
  2. Open bottle
  3. Drink bottle



LOL I’ve moved to that method as well. I had to go back to drinking 1.3 again for a day last week as I’d run out of 2.0 and wow, that was hard. Very much spoiled by the ease and texture of 2.0!


Maybe that link will work? Regardless, making it is super easy.


Hmmm… I’m really tempted to ask:
'How are you keeping the plastic fluid while getting it cool enough to drink after liquefying the bottle?'
I won’t though, I’ll keep it mature.



I use a lot of 1.8…preblended (lol?) And then poured back into an old 2.0 bottle just cause it gets eyes turning and questions asked, what are you drinking? Is that a protein shake? Etc…etc. cause so many people shake up protein powders at work. I like doing it this way. I blend it in the morning. By noonish I shake the bottle a bit in case of settling (I use the nutribullet) then crack it open and top the bottle off with fresh break room coffee.


One of the advantages of the powder vs 2.0 is that it is very easy to add things. There really isn’t room to add stuff to 2.0 without changing the container. Too bad, because my friend comments that 2.0 is particularly good with maple syrup added.

The chocolate powder works so well with an immersion blender! I think a resurgence of powder is coming when the new formula impacts new releases.


I find there’s just enough room in a bottle of 2.0 to add enough chocolate syrup to get a good flavor; if I want something stronger, I just drink a bit before adding anything to the bottle.

I liked the cacao powder enough to finally purchase a shaker bottle. It’s also the first powder I prefer the taste of freshly mixed (vs refrigerated overnight or longer). I got one of these to supplement my Takeya pitchers:

I like that the mixing thing doesn’t rattle around like other brands, and it’s pretty easy to clean when I’m finished.


I may be the only one who enjoys the drink slightly lumpy? :slight_smile: I mix the powder one serving at a time, stirring the powder and water in a mug. Letting it sit results in a smoother texture but it doesn’t taste as good.