MKBHD calls Soylent trash on Hot Ones


Throwing fire, he’s gonna get burned ha

(right after ranking his favourite cereals)


Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion lol! I don’t find soylent to be crazy delicious, but hunger is the best spice ! I found the vanilla coffee kind not to be the best :stuck_out_tongue: When you are hungry, it definitely adds appeal haha


If you feed a kid an alcoholic drink, his or her first reaction might be to spit it out. The point is, initial reaction to taste is not that important. My first reaction to fried eggs was to excuse myself from the table, run home and throw up.


I strongly second this, side note, alcohol tastes like trash XD Never understood how people can actually like that stuff


No-one does, ends just justify the means lol.


Negative reviews require person’s time and energy, and toxifies emotional state of those with different oppinion, isn’t it easier to just go and find what you like and enjoy you life?