Modified my carb source ratio - opinions?


V1 of my recipe is extremely high in oats, and very low in maltodextrin. After doing some reading, I’ve decided to try pinching the ratio from official Soylent to see how it works out, and so far the stats look good! I’ve lost a lot of my fiber, but I should be able to get a simple source from somewhere. Does anyone have any thoughts about my recipe? It seems close to completion, and I’m worried I’m doing something horribly wrong!


Recipe looks good. Now all that is left is taste. Best to make 1 day batches at a time and tweak and improve over time.


Thanks for having a look! I’m good with bland foods, so the taste shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m just a little concerned that there’s so much maltodextrin in the recipe, it seems quite high for something that is so close to sugar! I know Rob is using a low GI blend, so I’m not sure if regular MyProtein maltodextrin is good enough for this purpose. I’ve tried to do some research, and I’ve had a look through some old posts here, but I can’t find much specific information. Is this definitely not going to give me type 2 diabetes? :smile:


Not hardly. Your body needs carbs as long as it is in proper proportions. I did notice you are high on carbs. Why not drop the maltodextrin to about 118g to get your carbs down to 250 and kcal to 1942.


Thanks for the advice, I’ve tweaked the recipe now accordingly. My protein content was very low so I’ve decided to up it (i’m exercising a fair amount) and I’ve taken down the maltodextrin accordingly. Recipe seems like a sensible mix now, hopefully I’m onto the winner with this ratio!

I made a batch based upon yesterday’s recipe and today I’ve been feeling much fuller than when my recipe had double the oats and a quarter of the maltodextrin. Strange, but then again I did have more overall carbs today than before. I’ll see how this pans out, thanks! :slight_smile: