Modifying official Soylent's macro ratios


Soylent’s macro ratio is carb/fat/protein 50/30/20. This is way better than a typical American diet, and I believe them that they are sourcing maltodextrin that has a lower glycemic index than other maltodextrin products (I can’t remember where I read this, if anyone has a link please share).

However, I typically aim for a diet with higher fat and lower carbs than this (for reasons I’m happy to discuss, maybe in a different thread. See, e.g. this article as a primer on recent low-carb science). Because I do regular strength training, I also aim for somewhat higher protein. I need more than the 2010 calories Soylent provides. So, I have plenty of headroom to add fat and protein to my heart’s content.

Today I added 15 ml of extra-virgin olive oil to a pitcher, and it tasted just fine (maybe better. Definitely not worse). I don’t have a particular target ratio in mind, but just as a first stab at a modification recipe, I could add 45 ml (3 tablespoons) of extra-virgin olive oil and 84 g (3 scoops) of whey protein isolate to a pitcher. This would make the carb/fat/protein ratio 36/37/27 and total daily calories 2802 (probably a couple-hundred higher than I’m aiming for most days).

Is anyone else making macronutrient modifications? What’s your recipe? Any advice on what does and doesn’t taste good?


Hey jjb

I am also interested in this topic. I add 3/4 cup of canola oil to mine each day. I burn a lot of calories and soylent is just not satiating enough without it. This puts my calorie count at about 3,000 calories


This is one of the reasons I went DIY. I can hit any calorie count and macronutrient profile I want.


So 3/4 cups of canola oil is about 1,000 calories? This website claims that 1 cup is almost 2,000 calories: (see the “serving size” dropdown at the top).

How is the taste?

Do you add anything else?


I’m on chocolate Schmoylent awaiting Soylent. Same ratio. I’m upping my fat by adding 65-75ml of Canola vs the suggest 52ml and I’m upping the protein by adding Body Fortress Whey Isolate (also chocolate +100-130cal). I figure this takes my 2 liter cost from $10 to $11 and my 2 liter calories from 2100 to 2300-2350. This is consumed over 48-60 hours. I run 30-40mi a week and also ride and swim… I do crave pretzels though so I’m probably more than making up for any carb or sodium deficits there :confused:


I’m running 70+ miles per week. Without the oil added to Solyent the Carb/Protein/Fat calorie ratio is 63%/28%/9%.which is about what I would normally want. Total calories isn’t quite enough yet but I am trying to lose a few pounds anyway. I do eat a couple of bananas a day though. I still get too hungry on weekends, and tend to eat stuff then that I shouldn’t.


It’s actually 48/22/30, according to their macronutrient overview. Percentages shown for Soylent clone here:


@axcho According to their knowledge base article, it’s 50/30/20 (scroll down to “Nutrition Facts”). And the nutrition facts panel agrees with this. If you look at the note on the single asterix it says how many grams of fat the oil adds (19 to the powder’s 5). Calculating using the 9-4-4 model, it comes out to 48/31/21.

(and, as an aside, 708 calories – their label claims 670, seems like more than a rounding error…)


@jjb Ah okay, recalculating, it seems that we are basically saying the same thing. I meant 48% carbs, 22% protein, and 30% fat - we just had the macronutrients in a different order. :stuck_out_tongue: