Mold in New Square 2.0 Bottles


New Square bottles has MOLD…I thought this mold issue was resolved but apparently not.

As with the original round bottles I have the same problem with the new ones as far as the GREEN font/print on the lid it just doesn’t show up on the black lid or certain letters/numbers wear off. Can’t the color of the print on the lid be white or better quality so it’s legible or put the info in a different location on the bottle. I even take pictures of it so I can zoom in and it’s still difficult to determine the correct letters and numbers.

This is what I think the lid says:

Best By AUG0418
7213P7FFA JP or 7213R7FFA or 7213R7FPA
18:09 21GRM8

I Realized I have one more full box of the same lot so this is the CORRECT info from the box (much more legible there) 7213P7FPA


Would you post some pictures?


Here you go


Reach out to our customer service team for a replacement case:

Thanks for the lot number, cuts down the hunting time.


Thanks Conor I have already done so.


I just got two boxes, shipped by amazon. Mold inside caps, from bottles in both boxes :(.

This might really break soylent for me… I love the stuff, but the new bottles are horrible.


Are we calling those little black dots mold? The pic isn’t very clear but I’ve been looking closer at my bottles since this thread started and that looks like most of my bottles after I open them (it’s not mold on mine).

The OP’s pics look more nefarious (although I still can’t really tell what it is based off those pics either).


That is not mold, they are plastic particulates from the cap.


So let me get this straight, you have decided and implied that I have lied about the mold but in the same breathe you say you can’t really tell based of the pics. I take offense to that, I am a regular user of Soylent for about 2 years I have 4 monthly subscriptions and drink them daily, it’s my main source of food. Currently I have about 20 cases of Soylent you really think I’ve got nothing better to do than go out of my way to inform people to watch there bottles? I could have easily just notified RL and not said anything here. You have a right to your opinion but as you said you can’t tell by the pics and you didn’t open my bottle, so if you don’t trust what you see or me keep it to yourself and ignore the post.


I haven’t read the rest of your post yet but EDIT: Ignoring the rest of your post but

No, I implied your pics look more worrisome than the pics from the person I was responding to, but that I personally can’t tell exactly what I’m looking at based off the pic.


I have managed to find my macro(micro?) camera attachment. Here is a close up of the stuff under the cap.
It does not appear to be made of plastic.
I have seen plenty of the tiny plastic bits that come off the security cap, and these seem to be different.
Il keep trying to see if I can get some better pics as I open more bottles.


That’s nonetheless a problem Soylent’s going to address, right?


I wonder if this is why it has been a week since my subscription billed, but with no shipping notification and the subscription page still saying they are preparing my order to ship…



Reach out to our CS team: to trigger the shipment.


Yeah I just heard back from customer care, they said the delay is because of increased demand and weather causing delays


Plus new trucker monitoring has caused some routes from the mid west to become very unattractive to truckers so their is less availability for transport. Used to be small lines, now there are long ones.