Mold in Soylent 2.0 (Dec 2016)

I didn’t think it’d ever happen to me, but just as I was about to start gulping down some 2.0 I looked down and saw:

This was from the latest shipment I got (Shipped Dec 5). It only seems to have affected one bottle though.


Email, we’ll refund and replace your order.


Got it, thanks Connor.

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Update: It was only one bottle in the box, which I’m not terribly distressed about. Just surprised.

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We will still replace your order and offer a refund.


In order to regain confidence in buyers, soylent should be more transparent in their manufacturing with the public.
That would definitely help me decide to go back to soylent.

What do you mean by “more transparent in their manufacturing”? I’m imagining webcams in the factory, but that’s probably not what you’re thinking.


This guy or gal just wants webcams in the factory? I want world hunger solved before I even think about deciding to go back to Soylent. That, or world peace. World peace is probably more likely though since there was mold on that bottle in the OP.

That factory tour that was initially mentioned would be great.

Was this an old bottle, a bottle with a foil seal, or the new bottles with the blue inset ring?

No foil. I never noticed an inset ring though :o

I think he means the seal inside the cap. It’s a circle with a raised ring around the edge; the whole thing is either a translucent blue or white. All my 2.0 bottles are white seals, but from his comment I’m assuming they switched to blue for 2.0 at some point. I’m pretty sure Coffiest has always had a blue seal. I’m actually not aware of any difference besides the color, but I haven’t compared the two directly.