MOLD in Soylent 2.0

So when I made my post about switching to Soylent, I expressed concern over the mold problem that was supposed to be resolved. Wellllll I was just drinking one and felt this weird filmy slimey thing on my tongue, pulled it out and lo and behind: the dreaded mold. I’m pretty disgusted especially since I got 3/4ths of the way through the bottle before I realized I got one of the tainted bottles. It was likely shaken loose and mixed in when I added my vanilla extract and shook it up.

Looking inside the top rim i can see where it was shaken loose from. Ughhh. Not sure if I’m going to continue my subscription, it’s currently on hold. So gross.

The best by date on the tainted bottle is Aug 9th 2016. I don’t see where to add images but I can send the photos I just snapped with my phone somewhere if anyone would like to see them.

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Of course, sometimes that’s just the Soylent.

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I keep looking for mold in mine and never find any. I even make sure to not shake them up beforehand. My roommate has gone through well over a hundred bottles and never mentioned any mold. I sure hope I never have the slimy mold on the tongue experience.

Pretty traumatizing experience. It was big, dark bluish green & black. I just emailed the myorder@soylent address and we’ll see what they say. I refuse to drink any more from the batch made before the change in sealing. I started my order with the intent of doing 100% soylent but that didn’t pan out (holiday season and weak-willed). I still have most of my order. I dunno if I can even drink the new batch, I’m just pretty grossed out in general with the product. Ughh. Maybe I’ll feel better about it in a few days.

After having one bottle (which I caught before drinking thankfully) ive been checking all mine quickly before adding anything or shaking them. Ive found a couple more (maybe 2?) but that’s not much in, 140+ bottles of 2.0 I’ve gone through?

I should hope they’ll refund and replace the order.

If you are left with this batch in your possession, might it be worth pouring out the other bottles through a sieve before drinking?

Bad luck. I’m on something like bottle #450 and no mold yet.

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The mold is just with the august batch, they fixed it for the next batch.

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PTSD sufferers would likely dispute any trauma associated with consuming a little mold.

I’ve gone through around 75+ bottles without finding any yet, but I also have been checking the caps and inner rims of every bottle before resealing and shaking.

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The one yet to be produced this coming December, yes.

“A new lot of Soylent 2.0 will be manufactured in December, and to this end, the following optimizations and checks will be implemented to ensure that this manufacturing issue never again disrupts your Soylent experience:”

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I’ve had moldy bottles in all of my boxes of Soylent so far. If you haven’t seen it I suspect you aren’t looking carefully enough, many of my bottles that don’t appear moldy at first actually have some off-white weirdness going on near the rims. Sometimes the mold is black, but not always. @inod3 is correct–the only batch in existence currently is the one with moldy bottles.

In the defense of rosa labs, they have been 100% excellent, all my boxes have been refunded AND replaced, which is fantastic on their part and way beyond what’s necessary. I’ve probably dumped ~10/150 bottles that looked really bad.

I’ll start my shipments again in January once the new batch starts shipping.

I’ve seen the accumulation on the lid and rim before, but I had assumed that was just unmixed ingredients, which get mixed when I shake it up. This is the first I have heard of non-black mold in the containers.

If the mold were white (or off-white), how would you know, since that is also the color of the product?


Wasn’t it something like less than 1 in 10,000 bottles affected? You must either 1) be the unluckiest bastard alive, or 2) just trying to get some free Soylent in the wake of an uncertain situation.

They replaced the shipments based on the black mold a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve started to be more cautious and I’ve noticed the weird white accumulations, I kept a few bottles sitting in the fridge after opening and the white accumulations turn black after a few days so I assume it’s all the same mold.

Of the 10 bottles, 3 had black mold, 2 went from white to black, and the other 5 looked like the bottles that changed color so I dumped them pre-emptively. The other ~140 bottles I’ve had so far have been fine, although they often have dried up/spotty accumulations near the rim, but it never looks too bad so I just wipe it off.

Not exactly, but your confusion is understandable.

From the first blog post on it: “Out of the more than 400,000 bottles shipped thus far, we have been made aware of 11 isolated incidents of mold growth on the external part of the bottle, which is well within the industry standard rate of one in 10,000 defects in low acid aseptic packaging.”

11 in 400,000 shipped would be 1 in 36,364 and the 1 in 10,000 is the industry standard rate. If you keep reading the first blog post: “To verify that these findings were indeed isolated, we conducted physical and visual inspections, along with microbial tests, of 2,000 bottles in our distribution center and found only two bottles with the same defect.”

In their initial check they actually found 1 in 1,000 (or 10 times as common as the industry standard rate mentioned earlier in the same blog post).

Then in update #2 for that blog post “Although the frequency of this visual product defect appears to be slightly higher than previously thought, it still remains very low.”

They don’t appear to actually say what the estimated rate is now. Just “slightly higher than previously thought”.

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Or, since you are now keeping Soylent longer after opening, new mold is originating.

The white accumulations, as @inquirerer theorizes, could be just unmixed ingredients.


I think they do say what the estimated rate is. The way I read it, they are referring to “2 in 2000.”

“Although the frequency of this visual product defect (2 in 2,000) appears to be slightly higher than previously thought (11 in 400,000), it still remains low.”

This point still stands. Even if 1 in 1,000 bottles are affected, @danbirman finding 10 in 150 bottles make him the unluckiest bastard alive.


They offered a refund and replacement of product but I don’t want any until the new batch is made. Sending more from August kinda defeats the purpose of replacement because I could get another bad bottle and end up with a chunk of mold in my mouth again. I still believe in Soylent and love the product but I’m not gambling with the mold. I’ll sit it out until a new batch comes that corrects the issue.


@Ric Yeah it isn’t clear what it is, but I think that when I’m consuming food I would rather err on the side of caution. It doesn’t seem like this mold is making people sick but I also don’t think we should be paying for food products that are consistently moldy, 1/1000 is a lot! I also have a feeling that the real number is higher, but that there are people who aren’t reporting or not noticing the mold. In any case, we’ll see what happens in Dec with the new batch, I’m optimistic!

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