MOLD in Soylent 2.0

Oops I read that too fast! You’re right; thanks for pointing out my mistake. But I’m happy about the new seal regardless.

Too bad about keeping the outer plastic seal around the whole bottle. That is a pain in the a$$. The foil sounds like a good idea. That will make three things to keep the mold out: outer seal, foil seal and gasket under the cap.

Given the annoyance of opening with the different security measures, I would still rather have them then add preservatives.

Good work @Connor and Rosa Labs. I feel that I have safer food then pretty much anybody on the planet.


I’m glad I don’t work in a consumer facing business:

There’s mold in Soylent! Seal the bottles better!

[They add more sealing.]

There’s too much damn sealing on these bottles!


do we get a soylent seal with each bottle? which species… i need to plan accommodations if i decide to get 2.0!


Hope it’s a navy seal.

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I got my December shipment of 2.0 yesterday, and I think it may be a new batch? My memory may be faulty, but I think the packaging is somewhat different.

Images here:

I don’t remember seeing these on previous shipments:

  • “This Unit Not Labeled For Retail Sale” text on side of each bottle.
  • November 2016 expiration date on cardboard box and bottle caps.
  • Outer seal looks like a different material? Maybe not quite as smooth and glossy. Feels a little… stiffer and sturdier?
  • I really wouldn’t be surprised if I’m imagining things here, but from the one bottle I tired I think it may taste a little stronger. Same flavor, only a little more of it. And possibly a creamier texture, too. I like my (S/s)oylents thick anyway, so creamy is nice.

Anyone else get a similar shipment? Thoughts?

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This is a pretty useless response, but this is what my batch looks like as well(not for resale, November 2016 expiration). My response is useless because this was my first 2.0.

Stronger taste makes me wonder though, I’d read on here people REALLY liked 2.0 and I was so excited to try it. But there’s something about the taste that isn’t right and seems too strong to me. I like the creamy bit too, but there’s something else there my taste buds don’t like. I’ve pondered whether it might taste better watered down, but haven’t tried yet. Probably try some more flavorings (2 tbs of cocoa seemed to have no effect on half a bottle) before I give up. Is there a 2.0 flavoring thread somewhere? Maybe people liked it so much they felt they didn’t have to. Again this is my first batch so there might be no change and I am just a weirdo, I don’t want to freak people out who are already consuming it.

How many are “all reports”?

“All reports” I have seen have shown a preference for liquid (2.0) taste to powdered (1.5), and I have read a lot of reviews.

…or perhaps you are meaning something else?

Yeahhhh sooo… this happened a few days ago after I had gotten half way through the bottle. I haven’t drank one since.

Is that one of the old bottles? (shiny wrapper, no “Unit Not Labelled for Individual Sale”)

publishing aflatoxin test results would go a long way in reassuring people with health concerns related to the mold problem

Yeah it was one of the old ones. That didnt have the vacuum seal peel off thing under the cap. Apparently this situation has been remedied.


I have a huge backlog of Soylent…at least half of them probably don’t have the seal. It seems wasteful to throw away but idk if I can eat them.

I had lots when there was no seal and they were fine. You could watch for mold and toss any moldy ones.


I’ll happily accept a donation if you want to find it a good home where it will be loved and appreciated. :innocent:


I can’t smell, but I am guessing mold ones will have different smell?

If a bottle has mold, you know it. No need to investigate carefully–it’s right there smiling at you when you open the bottle (and sometimes even on the outside of the bottle).

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Well that depends. I’ve heard of people not finding it until they get to the bottom. I think it depends on whether you shake the bottles before drinking or not.

Side note: In the past month I’ve found mold in a yogurt that was before it’s expiration date, and had two half gallons of milk smell/taste sour well before their expiration dates. I keep everything properly refrigerated. Shit happens in the food world.