Mold on Soylent 2.0 Bottle Yet Again - Jun 17 Exp


There has been numerous production SNAFUs. This is just one of many.


I see zero other posts regarding mold post-seal, unless I’m looking in the wrong place?


Not the point. This is just one SNAFU. Before the foil seals were added there were numerous reports of mold inside the bottle ( but still below acceptable numbers). There is the Coffiest nutrition problem. There have been reports of funky and misspackaged Soylent 1.X. There are probably more that I just can’t think of right now. The recipe itself is just fine, provided you aren’t allergic, it’s the manufacturing process that is causing a lot of the issues.


It seems pretty clear to me that some of the complaints are from people who post here but use a different name there.

I have read that there are federal standards for how many rat droppings are allowed in a given volume of food. This means to me that zero rat droppings is not the standard. Is the standard zero mold? If it is, as I mentioned elsewhere, I have found mold on products I bought in food markets. I once bought one of my favorite brands of ice cream and it was half full of something like sand. I simply returned it and got a replacement. I didn’t even think it was a big deal.

What is amazing to me is that one person has found mold three times and many people like me have found mold zero times. Someone could figure out probabilities for cases like that.


The original mold problem was below “acceptable numbers”. I suspect this new mold problem, if there even is one, is even lower.


They don’t need to add preservatives. The mold isn’t IN the Soylent. If you read again, you’ll see that the mold was simply on the bottle. The product wasn’t adulterated.


I’m in Virginia, and have never found mold - the bottles all arrive clean and dry.


Mold on the bottles isn’t a manufacturer issues, though, guys - it’s a storage/warehouse issue. The warehouse where the product’s being stored before shipment is not clean and dry - the bottles must be exposed to moisture and mold there, and that’s where they really need to look.

I’ve certainly seen this type of thing with canned soda - I just clean the outside of the can before I open it. But the company needs to see which warehouse is causing these problems, so it can be repaired or the product moved elsewhere.


Good point. Where are people getting the moldy shipments from? All of my Soylent comes from IL these days; it used to come from PA, I think.


There have been other reports in earlier batches before they added the seal where mold did get into the bottle, preservatives would have prevented this. Preservatives would have prevented the OPs problem by preventing the mold from growing on the Soylent that got on the threads of the bottle. There is a separate thread where the bars are giving people what looks like food poisoning. There have been reports of 1.x being funky (so far none on 1.6). All point to contamination by microbes, something that preservatives would prevent.

Short of adding preservatives the manufacturing process could be improved to prevent these problems. For instance the bottles could have be rinsed after adding the seal. This would have removed the excess Soylent on the threads giving the mold nothing to grow on. There are probably other methods that would kill the microbes without affecting nutrition or annoying the customers.


Yeah it is. Excess Soylent is getting on the threads and mold spores are getting in the Soylent before the cap and shrink wrap is put on. A simple rinse of the bottle after adding the seal would have prevented this report.


I was thinking about this too…as a new Soylent user…curious what may lurk “behind” that sleeve they slap around the bottle…granted, most of the time, the way I flick my wrist, the whole “sleeve” unravels from the bottle anyways…lol. Works two-fold, no mold behind the label, and my coworkers don’t question me what I’m drinking haha