Monthly Food Cost


Anywhere between $1000-2000 a month which includes home food, eating out and drinks either in or out.

It’s been said before but the price of Soylent in the US is generally cheaper than what people spend on food, this isn’t generally the case outside of the country.


Honestly, my grocery spending has dropped like a rock in the last few months, as an indirect result of Soylent… and, not really in a good way :sweat_smile:

When I moved back to college this January, I was expecting Soylent relatively soon. So, I didn’t bring most of my cooking supplies, and didn’t bring much food. With each incremental delay, I kept buying sort of a patchwork, “temporary” stock of foodstuff. good enough for now, easy to use up for when Soylent arrived, but… not amazingly healthy.

The app I use to track my money says I’m sitting around $120-ish a month for food. Now, to be fair, upon first arriving, I did make a grocery run (delay email showed up in-transit), and my mother, due to being maternal and generally nice, walked over when I got to the checkstand and paid for my groceries.

Going back a year, my groceries ran closer to $150-ish per month, plus or minus a bit ($120 one month, $180 two others), not including a big $350 stocking-up trip when I first arrived (nonperishables, etc). I consider myself fairly proficient at actively seeking deals at the grocery store.

Now, the thing is - even though my average is considerably less than Soylent: I am okay with this. For one, taking into account big trips for nonperishables, last year was probably reasonably close on average to Soylent, just a little less. And this year, while I’m spending a lot less on groceries, I don’t feel great. Not terrible, but I’m distinctly “aware” that my diet isn’t balanced. This is my own fault, and I really shouldn’t have compromised grocery quality because “eh, Soylent soon, just need to get by”. Obviously this is pending on how much of a different Soylent makes, but I think I’m alright with paying the premium for a better diet.


Ooh, and for the statistician crowd:
Southern Oregon, USA, occasional restaurants, generally shopping at a bulk-food store for things like pasta, soup ingredients, sandwiches, milk, granola… uh… not a lot else, wow I really don’t have a varied diet this year :sweat:


$1000 per month for a family of four (two adults, two young kids). This is the average for the past year, and does not include the occasional eating out or delivery, but those are pretty rare.
My share of that would be about $300.
The diet is “normal” food.

I suspect that a switch to Soylent would end up costing me more money due to shipping costs.


Speaking of shipping, is shipping cost factored in to current Soylent subscription prices? Or does it show up in the shopping cart?
Currently I spend from $350-475 / month for two people. Usually the low end. California. I enjoy cooking, bake all our bread, and really like the foods I can make (garlic home fries with crumbled feta cheese dipped in fresh garlic aioli comes to mind). :slight_smile:
Still, there are days I would like to just inject something and forget about food or cleanup. Obviously, Soylent for two of us would cost more than what I spend now.


Shipping is included, as is a starter kit :slight_smile: so really, it’s a pretty awesome deal for a month’s worth.


I think that was one of the reasons they said they couldn’t reduce the price as they wanted to. The shipping rates where more than expected, though I wonder how much the shipping is. I bet its more like, 200USD for 28 days of Soylent and 55USD to ship it.


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I’m on 50% DIY Soylent, and the cost is ridiculously low.

My DIY Soylent porridge works out at about $2 per day for 2000kCals, it’s easier to make and the washing up is trivial. And I feel healthier on it.


Right now, my husband and I eat out/take out regularly, costing around $3000 a month. He’s not really interested in Soylent, I on the other hand plan to go 100% Soylent for at least a month.