Monthly Poll: August 2015


Monthly poll for August.
If you have any feedback about or comments on these questions, feel free to express yourself below. Also, if you have any ideas for future questions, please list them below.

Which meal do you most often substitute Soylent for?

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Dinner
  • Snack
  • None of the above

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Do you have a pet or pets?

  • Dog(s)
  • Cat(s)
  • Dog(s) and Cat(s)
  • Other
  • Neither

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What is the maximum amount of time you have gone subsisting exclusively on Soylent?

  • 0-1 meal
  • 1 day
  • 3 days
  • 1 week
  • 2 weeks
  • 1 month
  • 3 months
  • 1 year or more

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How much time, in minutes per day, on average does Soylent save you? (Including shopping, driving, preparing/cooking, cleanup, etc.)

[poll name=soylent20150804 type=number min=0 max=150 step=15][/poll]

Time saved with Soylent
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Here are the results of the July poll:







Whats the relevance of the pet poll? Just for fun?


Basically, yeah.
I saw @vanclute’s older thread on it recently got necro bumped and so I thought I’d throw it in there just for fun.

Edit: Just realized you were the one that bumped it, so you already knew that. :stuck_out_tongue:


How is a person who consumes 100% Soylent supposed to answer which meal they substitute Soylent most often for? What about a person who always substitutes breakfast and lunch with Soylent – there seem to be quite a few who do that.

Can a poll here allow multiple answers to a question, such as breakfast and lunch?


Lol… I had the same reaction… I was inclined to click breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack… I guess it depends if you’re a 25-50% Soylenteer or a 75+% Soylenteer… For those of us in the 75+% group a more pertinent question might be “which meal are you most likely NOT to replace with Soylent” :wink:

Btw, thanks for the poll… Great idea


Suggestions for new questions:

demographic data
…geographical area (U.S. customers)
…annual income
…family unit size


Yeah, sorry about that. I actually thought about that beforehand. However, when I was doing test polls, I figured out allowing multiple answers (in that case only two) muddles the poll results. Also, I added a “None of the Above” answer as a catchall for people who didn’t neatly fit into one meal or another. (Perhaps I should have added an “all meals roughly equal” result as well…Unfortunately I didn’t think of it at the time.) Of course, it isn’t required that one answer all questions if they don’t apply. I should probably start putting that at the top of the instructions in the future. Again, sorry! :blush:


Ditto from me.  


Since you asked about time saved, you could ask if people save money on average or not.


I though it was interesting that 55% (as of right now) are pet-free. That does not at all match the demographic of most of my friends and acquaintances. I feel less alone now as a happy non-pet owner.



20 characters.


I suppose you could ask about feelings on 2.0 in the next one now that we know the details.


It’s too bad we can’t select multiple options. Since I have a cat, I voted “cat”, but I also have snakes, spiders, and geckos. 16 pets in total(I’ll let your imaginations decide how many of each kind :P), all low maintenance and low-cost just like Soylent.


Another possible question for a future poll (relating to 2.0) would be how thick (or diluted) do you like 1.5? The recommended 2L per 2000kcal is fine, I mix it with less water (thicker… Perhaps 1.5 to 1.9L) or I mix it with more water (more diluted/thinner)… I’d be curious… Personally I’m fine with it thicker or more dilluted but I know others have strong opinions)



Last few days to vote before the September one goes up.


Oooh! one more possibility for the September poll… How many (if any) boxes of 2.0 have you pre-ordered? Might be interesting to gauge interest in 2.0 among the discourse folks.