Monthly Poll: July 2015

I am going to start doing a once-a-month poll, just for fun. I will close the poll at the end of the month and start a new one with different questions.


Have you tried Soylent 1.5 yet?

  • Yes
  • No

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How often do you consume Soylent?
(Note: For reference: Assuming 3 meals/day or 21 meals/week, 10% would be ~2; 25% would be ~5; 50% would be ~11; 75% would be ~16…Assuming 4 meals/day or 28 meals/week, 10% would be ~3; 25% would be ~7; 50% would be ~14; 75% would be ~21)

  • 10% or less of meals
  • 10%-25% of meals
  • 25%-50% of meals
  • 50%-75% of meals
  • 75%-100% of meals

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When you do consume Soylent, do you most often consume it flavored or plain?

  • Flavored most of the time
  • Plain (Unflavored) most of the time
  • About equal

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I just did 3 questions since it is the first one and I didn’t want people to get bored. I have several others I want to use in the future though.

Please feel free to comment further on answers you gave. Also, please suggest questions that you would be interested in seeing in future polls.

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Three questions I’m kinda curious about are:

“Do you feel more ‘healthy’ as a result of drinking Soylent?”
"Do you feel that drinking Soylent has saved you money?“
"Do you feel that drinking Soylent has saved you time?”

I know that, in theory, all of these should be “yes” for the majority of people. It’d be interesting to see if this is actually the case though.


I’m surprised by how many people don’t flavor it, and how often people are consuming it. I thought 50/50 on both was the majority, just from what I’ve seen on the forum.

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Not to sound contrarian, but I’m not surprised on the flavoring results at all.

Take Official Flavoring v1.5 Thread, for instance. A preliminary glance shows the thread contains 62 replies. But further inspection shows that 38 of those replies are posted by four individuals. There’s actually only 21 unique posters in the thread, and some (like me) don’t even flavor their Soylent.

It was the same with the “are you more or less satisfied with v1.4” poll. The numbers surprised people because the din seemed to indicate a majority were dissatisfied with v1.4. But as was noted in another thread/post, the numbers are naturally distorted in a forum. Regarding that poll, people read as many posts complaining about v1.4 as complimenting v1.4. But a lot of those with (valid) complaints were posting those complaints multiple times (for instance, one person had 43 posts stating their objections), thus distorting the actual numbers.


Ahhh I see. With the 1.4 satisfaction numbers, I was pretty confident before the poll that most people were satisfied and that those who weren’t were just extra loud about it. Didn’t consider the same situation for the flavoring, but it makes sense. I think it tripped me up because everyone that I’ve let try my Soylent has gagged or been pretty displeased. The inflation snuck up on me there.

I found that I didn’t need to flavor after about a month. I’m sure I got used to it a lot sooner, but didn’t try without flavoring for weeks.

I would be at 100% if it were for the death farts. I’ve got a couple weeks of 1.4 left and I think I can go back to 100% with 1.5. I don’t want to run the wife and kid out of the house though. :smile:

I like the polls. Keep it up. The first set of polls I was shocked to find that most people liked 1.4. From the forum it sounded like the majority hated it.

Not to nitpick, but the flavoring poll option seems slightly vague. For example, does unflavored whey protein count?

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Oh sorry. I had in mind actual flavorings like chocolate, peanut butter, vanilla, etc., but I suppose you can make the determination for your own situation. If you feel whatever you add to it is altering the flavor profile, then I will let you be the judge on how (or if) to vote.

I will ask about nutritional additives in a future poll…

Yeah, that is why I said slightly vague. (I can be exhaustingly pedantic at times so take what I say with a grain of salt).

I went ahead and chose to interpret it as something like “How often do you intentionally alter Soylent’s flavor profile?” I don’t feel the whey protein alters the flavor significantly, but I also don’t think that when I was adding coffee solely for the caffeine should be a reflection on Soylent’s flavor (since I am not a big fan of coffee in the first place); nor would I think instances of people adding salt to supplement sodium would apply.

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RE: how many people flavour vs. don’t flavour: For some of us (myself included) one of the biggest (if not the biggest) reason we use Soylent is convenience; adding (or having to go shopping for) flavourings detracts from that. (no matter how small an amount, depending) So the large % of non-flavourers doesn’t really surprise me. (I myself am a non-flavourerizerian, mostly)

[edited to add more brackets and colons because they’re awesome]


Suggested question: “On what continent do you reside?”

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I’d like to see a question in a future poll about DIY soylent. (How many people have made it, tried it, etc.)
Also, Soylent competitors…

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