Monthly Subscription +2wks Soylent Received = 404 Not Found Error


Hi @SOYLENT, Just received my second monthly subscription and there was only 2 weeks in the box. Has Rosa switched to a 2 week cycle or what…?


The packaging did change. Maybe there were two boxes to the shipment? Contact them at the support email, they usually respond very quickly. In the mean time, check the shipping label to see if it indicates more than one package in the shipment.


There were (2) boxes in the larger shipment box; each box contains (7) days of soylent.

From the Fedex website on my shipping details: Total pieces = 1

So, only ONE box was shipped and there were only TWO smaller boxes inside and each of those boxes contained SEVEN days of @Soylent


This looks like a job for @Soylent


Not that this helps, but I just got my 1 month subscription yesterday and there were four 1 week boxes as expected…


did you get them ALL in one box or two boxes?


The one month subscription came in one big “shipping” box with four individual 1 week Soylent boxes. The four boxes just barely fit.


TY, for the information


Definitely our mistake, @GreyReaver – apologies! We’ll get another 2 weeks shipped out ASAP, you will be contacted via email by our customer support team to confirm. Thanks for your support and patience!


Thank you for your quick response! 8D