Monthly subscription billing twice in the same month?


I signed up for a monthly subscription on April 1st. I logged into today to check on it and it says my next billing will be April 29th. WTF? Shouldn’t that be May 1st?

Are monthly subscriptions really 4 week subscriptions? That makes a big difference when budgeting for the month.


I agree. Let me know what customer service says about this. I was under the same impression that whatever quantity you subscribed for (1week, 2weeks,4weeks) was billed and shipped the same number day of each month. Do you mind emailed customer service about this and posting the replay? Thank you.


A month subscription is 28 bags. 1 bag a day means your subscription fires off every 28 days.


Which is complete codswallop. I still think that the “month” option should be 35 days. That’d cover the shipping delay and the budgeting dilemma.


It is every 28 days
However, this “problem” only occurs once or twice in a year. Also 4 weeks makes more sense than 30 days- each box is 7 days/1 week/a quarter of a month


“Codswallop”? Haha. 


The easiest way around this seems to be just ordering 28 bags and 7 backs concurrently.

I really hope they can bring the price down this year because if it was anything less than $200 a month, they could easily double their customer base.


Monthly Subscription != Every 4 weeks

Monthly means once a month for a total 12 times a year. It all ways has had this definition. Soylent doesn’t get to come along and redefine it. This is a really small change on the Soylent website… don’t falsely label non monthly subscriptions as ‘monthly’, label them as every four weeks.

Grrr… this upsets me. Just correctly label the subscription and set your customers expectations. It’s really simple. Soylent is very expensive, it’s hard enough to talk my wife into a subscription spending $255 a month. But if I hadn’t caught this then it would have cost $500 in the first month. The likely hood of being able to continue the subscription drops drastically at that price.



If you’re going to label the subscription as “Monthly” then it should be monthly. If it’s really an “every 35 day subscription” then call it that. At 35 day interval that would be ~ 10.5 times a year which is definitely can not be described as ‘monthly’


Your getting mad because you didn’t do the math. How did you expect 28 daily bags to last 30-31 days? Or did you really expect RL to change the size of their shipments every month?

A month being 4 weeks is a very common and generally accepted approximation. Seeing as RL’s smallest shipping size is 1 week using the 4 week approximation is not unreasonable and to be expected.


But by your logic, if you had signed up for a monthly subscription April 3, your next billing would have been May 1. Then you couldn’t have said, “it would have cost $500 in the first month.” It is disingenuous to say it cost $500 the first month. It cost $255 for each four-week period.

So you are arguing three days. You argument is that Rosa Labs should define a month as 28/30/31 days, vs. 28 days.

Surely you can at least recognize the other side? Surely you can see, even if you disagree, that it is not unreasonable, as @horsfield points out. That Rosa Labs took an acceptable manufacturing standard.

I’m sorry it was hard to talk your wife into a subscription spending $255 a month. But does she really draw the line between spending $255 a month and spending $255 every 28 days? That is the equivalent of her agreeing to you buying Soylent every February, but not any of the 11 other months.

Again, you are now disingenuously claiming it cost you $500 for a month. It cost you $510 for eight weeks.


Personally, I find it more unnerving that most monthly billing isn’t based on a 4-week cycle; but that is due to not having a job that didn’t pay on a week-based cycle in over a decade. I can kind of see the point if you are paid on monthly-based cycles (like a job I had that paid on the 10th and 25th). But even then, longer months have bigger paychecks; and a 4-week supply of Soylent arrives and comes due every 4 weeks of work.


Yes, they should define a month as … a month? I can’t conceive of any other answer. The word “month” has a verify defined meaning… it does not mean every 4 weeks and never has.

Yes. I can recognize the other side. I’m fine with having a subscription be every four weeks. It makes sense for many reasons. However, they should not label it as a monthly subscription. When I order a monthly subscription it should be charged 12 times a year, not 13. It’s a really simple change… replace the word month on the website with something to the effect of ‘every four weeks’.

Soylent just needs to set expectations correctly for their product. If the subscription is every month then call it monthly, if it is every 4 weeks then call it that. But the one thing you shouldn’t do is lie to the customer and say the subscription is monthly but then bill them every four weeks.


Looking at the website right now. It quite clearly says 4 Weeks for $255. Seeing as 4 weeks is a generally accepted approximation of a month I see no lies here. They tell you right there in black and purple what they consider a month to be. At this point you are just ranting and raving at a group of people who really don’t care. I would suggest taking this up with Soylent customer service no us.


To be fair, I don’t see anywhere on the website that clearly states how often your card is charged when you subscribe. I too was unclear about this when I ordered. I know it’s four weeks worth of food, but most monthly auto-payment systems are charged the same day every month. This makes it a bit ambiguous. I also have been unclear if they charge your card a week early after the first order to account for shipping time. It would be helpful if RL clarified the billing/shipping cycle somewhere on the site. Perhaps in the FAQ section?

I realize this isn’t an issue for a lot of people, but for folks on a tight budget, getting billed twice in the same month can cause serious problems. It looks like RL does provide a date when the next charge will occur when you log in? If that date is indeed the next charge date, then that could at least help avoid an unexpected charge. Though I hope RL will work with people like myself that may need to make minor adjustments to the charge date every now and then. I’ll certainly be shooting off an email to find out.


Saying it is unclear is one thing, and absolutely true (coming from my own notoriously pedantic perspective); but trying to label it a lie (which is what the OP has done) is going too far.


I’ll grant you it is not an outright lie and yes I am being a bit hyper sensitive to it. Perhaps it is a lie of omission? They clearly label it as a monthly subscription as you can see from @horsfield 's screenshot at the top where he cuts off half of the label monthly subscription. Then if you click into the 4 weeks subscription where they list details about the subscription they could easily put another bullet point under the description that says this is billed every four weeks. Rosa Labs has chosen to not correct label the product’s subscription plan.

I like soylent, it’s a great product. I do plan on continue consuming it. However it’s an expensive product… it’s the Tesla of food. The customer experience should match the price. If they are going to charge a premium price for the product then we should all demand a high bar for customer service.


It’s not a big deal but I prefer Soylent billing once per month and in fact billing every 4 weeks feels like one of those tricks a company pulls to move more product. The only people that Soylent using 4 weeks instead of 1 month would affect are those that consume more than 28 bags of Soylent per month, which must be a small minority, and even they could just do a second account to order more.

One of the hallmarks of Soylent is simplicity and efficiency. I think it would be more simple and efficient to know that your Soylent order goes through on the same day each month (or about at least, given things probably stop on weekends and holidays). You know the date so as it approaches you can up your order if you’re running low or suspend your order if you’ve got too much. Having your order process date change each month seems unnecessarily confusing.


Doesn’t RL tell you when your next billing cycle is? From what the OP has been saying it sure seems like it. So you can do all those things now.


I think the ideal would be more subscription options (and a better subscription portal), which would address other issues as well. Failing that, it couldn’t hurt to make the 28-day billing cycle more obvious; calling it a “monthly subscription” is misleading, even if it is correctly stated elsewhere. Are the one week and two week “monthly subscriptions” also on a 28-day billing cycle? I assume yes but I’ve never placed those order sizes.

To put this in perspective, the 28 day cycle is 8.6% more frequent/expensive than a monthly cycle. So it’s not an insignificant issue if someone thought that “monthly” meant “once per month” (which it generally does!).

Obviously I think there should remain an option for the 100% crowd so they don’t receive too much or too little. Although I have to wonder how many people are on 100% Soylent at exactly 2000 calories per day; I’d wager not many!