Monthly Subscription Clarification


I am curious about the resupply rate on the monthly subscriptions.

The largest subscription you can currently purchase is for 28 bags a month which would give you enough soylent for 28 days worth of meals. Since there is only one month in each year with 28 days that means every other month you would have 2-3 days with no supply if you were going to be only consuming soylent.

Are the replacement orders shipped every 4 weeks, so that you always have a supply or are you basically SOL on the remaining days each month?


I believe they have settled on shipping reorders every 28 days for the monthly subscriptions. So there shouldn’t be any gap, except you will be buying 13 boxes in your first year.


Interesting. I see a bit of a problem there. It means order bill will eventually draft into middle of month and such. I recommend adding other method - lock to first X of month or something.


Right now, it seems their limiting factor is that their boxes accommodate 7 packages so they want to ship in that increment. I assume at some point their fulfillment will be sophisticated enough to order 31 day, but not just yet.


I’d rather it be based on weeks. I (and probably most everyone) is paid on a weekly schedule. I normally did grocery shopping by the week. So I don’t care if the shipping date shifts through the months, it’s preferred that it stays in step with my pay periods.


I agree… if they ship every 4 weeks I don’t really which month it falls in as long as it is on time for a refill.


[quote=“JulioMiles, post:65, topic:12746”]
4 week subscriptions now ship every 4 weeks.


It sounded like they bill you monthly and ship based on weeks.


They now bill and ship every 28 days.


If you are concerned about lining up billing and biweekly paydays, use a credit card with enough free credit to pay for it. I have a card I put all my recurring expenses on, and I pay it every month (I always leave a small balance, but that is an aside: zero balance is bad too and can result in closing the account). I try to leave as little as possible in my checking account, since money serves no useful purpose there.


I am adding this question here, as it matches well with the topic.

Can anyone tell me if canceling the subscription is 1. free & 2. easy?

The website says, cancel any time, but didn’t disclose any specifics around it. I imagine, its under the manager subscriptions option, but appears only visible, once you subscribe. Just trying to make sure i don’t accidentally get caught in one of those old style music CD subscriptions (not that I think Soylent would do that… more for the wife’s piece of mind) :slight_smile:


Yes & yes. Please email us and we will cancel your subscription and refund your payment.


I can’t figure out the Subscription Portal:

I only ordered a single weeks worth of Soylent as a one-time non-subscription order. I still have some time to go before mine ships, and I’ve read enough here and elsewhere about Soylent that I’m more confident in a subscription.

My order was placed in early May and there’s a note at the subscription portal saying it migrated over to a new platform in early June. I’m not sure if or how that affects me. Anyway, I tried logging in just in case an account existed for me and that didn’t work, so I clicked “New user” to sign up. But when I click “New user” I get a dialog box with the prompt: “Type in the email address you used to subscribe to our service.” … so I have to be subscribed to the service before I can subscribe to the service … eh? Anyway, when I type in my email address it doesn’t recognize me.

I have to be in the system somewhere, right? I mean, even if my order was a one-time only order. There should be some kind of way for people who only placed one-time orders to log in and order again or switch over to a subscription.

I guess I can go all the way out to the main page and place a fresh order for a subscription, but is the system going to recognize me as someone who already ordered? Or is it going to see my new order as from a brand new person and give me the 12-week processing time that new users get? I’m kind of hoping here that I can piggyback a subscription on my original order so that the processing time will be shorter.

Any ETA on the subscription login page being fixed?

I looked and didn’t see a way to cancel once you subscribe although email should work.

@JulioMiles Feedback on the process of cancelling: I would prefer to have a suspension option of the subscription. Since there isn’t a fine tuning yet of subscription options down to number of weeks/days per month I am likely to end up with a surplus that gets larger and larger every month. There would be times I would like to simply skip a month rather than cancel and then re-subscribe. Blue Apron food service has a way to simply skip a delivery with 1 week notice all easily managed from their website. Please consider adding this, or you will likely get a bunch of cancellations that are simply meant as suspensions, and that send the wrong signal to the planners in the company as well as the investors. Skipping a month would be less dramatic of a signal.


Great point @NoFlames, I too would like to see a “pause/skip” button somewhere as I foresee the same thing happening, especially as we will actually have two subscriptions since we’re two people. Some months we go out to eat more than others, so the consumption rate is going to fluctuate.


Easy enough. Thanks. Appreciate the answer.


Click on new user it doesn’t matter if you signed up with the old one because I did and everything worked out.
Then type the exact same email you used when you signed up in the second picture and submit.
Just do exactly that and you’ll be just fine. Trust me I’m a doctor I’m not really a doctor


@NoFlames I am sure Rosa Labs have a ton of plans to improve the web site and ordering process, but I agree. More options would be nice:

  • Pause subscription.
  • Double up: two months’ supply per month (e.g. I am buying for two family members).

Actually that is all I can think of right now. I thought the list would be longer.


Thanks, Dr. @mitch. (I figured it out and had deleted my post before seeing your reply).

Now, what can you do about this neck pain?


Multiple subscriptions:
If you would like to receive more than 28 bags of Soylent per month, you can add another subscription to your account. Just visit and place a new subscription order using the same email address as your existing subscription. The new subscription will appear in your subscription portal.

You can already have multiple subscriptions or “Double up”. There is also functionality to cancel your subscription, and I would think that you would be able to re-subscribe at anytime, which should give it “Pause” functionality as well. A nice little function might be “delay next shipment by X weeks” so that you don’t have to unsubscribe/resubscribe or get a shipment while on vacation, but the portal seems pretty functional to me. (As I said elsewhere I haven’t tested canceling or doubling my sub because I don’t want either of those things right now, feel free to report if they work if those functions apply to you.)