Monthly Subscription Not Shipping Frequently enough


I have had a monthly subscription since June, but shipment dates have been slipping a bit, which in combination with the fact that 28 bags does not really equal a month means that I will have a gap in my soylent supply this month.
To illustrate, my last two shipments were on 08-Sep-2014 and 15-Oct-2014, with the next one being 19-Nov-2014, which clearly will result in a gap. Is there any way that I can get that next shipment bumped up, so I do not have to eat real food (or explore your competitors) in the interim.


I imagine it’s to do with switching formulae? Regardless, that’s definitely an issue…


How can you see your future shipment dates? The management page shows that I was charged on Nov. 3, but have not yet gotten a shipping notice. I assume this is because of the 1.2 switchover, but I’d like to know when the shipment is expected. (This will be some slippage for me also, I got my previous delivery on Oct. 7).


Sorry, I was mixing up shipping and billing, all of the above dates were billing dates, not shipping.


@Soylent has previously stated that there is a 1-2 week delay between the start of an order cycle and the actual shipment. Likewise, there is currently a delay between billing and shipping. Unfortunately the reorder is based on last shipment, not last order date… So the delay between order and shipment is added to the total order cycle.

This is the most likely cause of your order slippage.

You could always try to order an additional 1-2 weeks on a separate order (using the same email address and thus hopefully being treated as a “reorder” and not a “new order”.) Then you would get 4 weeks, followed by a two week delay and then 2 weeks, then a 1 month delay and 4 weeks ad nauseam.


I have been a 28day @Soylent subscriber since September 1st. My intent has been to use Soylent for 3 meals a day, every day.

In October there was a 7 day gap in my supply due to the fact that there are 30 days in September (and because of the rollout of v1.1?).

I was charged on Nov 3rd and haven’t seen a shipment notification yet. This month I will experience a total supply gap of at least 9 days (if my November supply was shipped tomorrow), due to the fact that there are 31 days in October.

My total gap in supply has been a minimum of 16 days since September 6th.

Here is a chart with all the relevant dates:



As I see from your table:
First shipment was sent on 9/3/14, exactly in 28 days you have been charged again (10/1/14)

Second shipment was sent on 10/7/14, exactly in 28 days you have been charged again (11/3/14)

Third shipment is expected to be sent on 11/15/14 - 11/19/14 (delay that all people are reporting), exactly in 28 days you may expect to be charged again (on ~ 12/15/14).

Hope this quote will help you to understand why this is happening and from where I see numbers. I don’t agree that it’s correct, but this is what we have, at least until December.

Note that Soylent promised to fulfill reorder in “1-2 weeks”. It happen so that in September it was 2 days between charge and ship. In October it was 6 days, and trend shows that in November it’s closer to 12-16 days for most of the complaining people.

Just plan beforehand for this calculation, to avoid shortages.


It really must suck for subscribers; the incoming product should just flow along smoothly, with no gaps. After all, that’s what a subscription is all about! However, I think it’s quite understandable at this stage of the game, and a little levity should be granted here. (I’m waiting for my sub to start right now, as well) At least for now - I’d expect some sort of progress report to be posted by RL on this, in the near future. (days to a few weeks) :sunny: