Monthly Subscription Questions


Hey, everyone!

I have been keeping my eye on Soylent ever since I first heard about it and have been desperately wanting to try it. I am hopefully going to purchase my first batch within the next week or two, but I had a few questions for the Soylent staff (unless others already know the answer).

  1. While still sealed, how long is the shelf life of Soylent? I ask because I doubt I will be using Soylent for every meal, at least at first, so I will not burn through an entire month supply within a month.

  2. Can the monthly subscription be canceled/renewed at any time? I want to go monthly for the cost effectiveness, but if I am not going through it quickly enough, I would not want to keep having it delivered automatically every month.

  3. If I order right now, will I be getting 1.5, or possibly 1.4 still? I prefer the former, so I will hold off a tiny bit if it helps ensure I get 1.5.

  4. Any random advice for new Soylenters (that’s a word, right?) and/or Soylent-related jokes for my amusement?

I had more questions, but I do not remember, so I shall ask them when I recall. Thank you in advance for all the help!

  1. A year
  2. Yes
  3. 1.5
  4. I’m not good with advice, so someone else should reply for that.


Welcome Soylentpioneer.

  1. unopened bags have a conservative 1 year shelf life.
  2. subscriptions can be paused or canceled. More info is available on your account page.
  3. Currently shipping 1.5 as of June 1
  4. take it slow. Start out replacing 1-2 meals. Don’t feel like you need to finish a serving all at once. Drink till you are satisfied or full. This is not the clean plate club. If you are interested in changing up the flavor visit the “Flavoring Soylent” thread. As for jokes there are several threads devoted to that subject also.


Your reply was equal parts quick, simple, and appreciated. Thank you!


Thank you to you as well, Lee-something!


1-2 years

Yes. They even have a pause feature so you don’t have to cancel your subscription. When you pause they stop charging you and shipping you Soylent until you unpause your subscription.

You will get 1.5.