Month's worth of Soylent stolen

I had my entire subscription stolen off my porch.
FedEx confirmed delivery. I made a police report, but there’s not anything they can do. I work graveyard , so I was asleep when the shipment was delivered.

Is there anything that can be done?

Offhand, I can’t imagine what went through the thieves’ head when he successfully snagged the 3 heavy packages, navigated them down three flights of stairs, and then realized what was in the boxes.


Bummer. I used to own a bit of Fedex stock, but when I noticed they frequently leave packages on our doorstep without even ringing the doorbell, I sold my shares.


I hope this works out for you. If Soylent sees this and verifies the situation somehow, they might send you another order. Its the least they could do after you provided them with an excellent albeit unintentional advertisement.

Soylent: good enough to commit a federal offense over.

I’m hoping one day all envelopes and packages will have micro trackers like this lil thing

No way at all that could go badly…

I thought my first 2.0 shipment was taken too. Turns out FedEx left it on my neighbors porch. Apparently differentiating between a 7 and 9 is beyond their abilities…


Did you file a police report?

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I forgot to add that I’ve gotten delivery confirmations for products that didn’t show up until the next day. I think sometimes the drivers do it to avoid problems with their quotas or something.

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I did. I also checked all the nearby dumpsters and Craigslist - I believe all the bottles have unique id’s , so if I can find a bottle or packaging from my shipment, I can call the officer on my case to pick it up as evidence. FedEx did provide confirmation that the shipment was delivered, and I’d left instructions to leave it on my porch. Didn’t figure meal replacement shakes were at high risk of being stolen. I’m definitely having all future deliveries dropped off at the management office.


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My first assumption would be fedex delivered to the wrong house as well. I wouldn’t be shocked if it wasn’t even the right street, 17th instead of 19th or that sort of thing. They could deliver to the wrong place and it be far enough away you’d never ask the person or check the address where it actually got delivered. Pretty much the only way I assume a package is actually stolen is if it’s caught on camera. Which you can either read as me having great faith in people not stealing packages or low faith in the delivery companies to do their jobs right.

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I’ve received deliveries meant for different addresses. I brought the items to the correct address and dropped them off. No one was home. That would have a result that the item was reported delivered, but wouldn’t have showed up till the next day.


Our USPS driver does that all the time. I get the confirmation email, and spend a good deal of time trying to find the package, only to have it show up the next day. So not cool.


@Conor any comment?

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Go ahead and shoot me a PM, i’ll see what I can do.


Had this happen as well, but it was left at the wrong address. The neighbor dropped it off later.

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I’m on a 3rd floor apartment, and none of my neighbors saw anything, unfortunately. FedEx confirmed delivery to my apartment, I guess it was the same driver that dropped off the first shipment. I’m pretty sure there’s someone/s at my apartment complex that watch for the FedEx drivers and snatch packages. I’m definitely having all packages delivered to the management office from now on.

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Fedex is willing to walk all those boxes up three flights of stairs? I didn’t know they even did that.

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Same here. I’ve never had this happen before, but FedEx dropped off my first shipment of 2.0 – containing 5 boxes of it – in front of the door at the opposite end of my apartment’s courtyard. I went to grab it about two hours after it was delivered and was furious when I couldn’t find it, figuring someone had mistaken the large/heavy box for a valuable appliance and stolen it. Then I found it across the way and had to drag the darn thing all the way back into my apartment.

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Rosa Labs replaced my shipment! Thank you, Rosa Labs. I am totally floored , I had expected to just eat the loss, but Rosa is more than making up for it. This is the classiest company I have ever done business with.

Thank you!


Of course all that means is that a neighbor will show up at your door saying they accidentally took your packages last week and here they are… At least that is what would happen to me. :smile:

Very classy Rosa Labs. We’ve had so many trolls come in and tell us how bad Rosa Labs is. I feel they’ve done more than most companies to keep their customers happy. This is just more proof. Keep up the good work!