More carbs, calories and fibre without other nutrients?


I’m trying to improve upon a recipe on to make it work for a higher nutritional level and it’s just about perfect, but I need about 300g more carbs, 300 more calories and about 15g more fibre without affecting other vitamins/nutrients too much.

The closest thing I can think of is some variety of bread, 4 slices of white will get me the calories but still leaves me with 200g of carbs and 10g of fibre.

Can anyone think of something to pick up the last carbs and fibre or that will do the whole job better?


Maltodextrin or dextrose (glucose powder) will give you pure carbs, but they’re fast carbs, which is something to be aware of.

Also I wouldn’t worry too much about carb targets. 1g carbohydrates is roughly equal to 4 calories, so getting 300g more carbs will give you closer to 1200 calories, not 300.

Fibre you can get from psyllium husk powder, inulin, xanthan gum, dietary cellulose… none of which have an nutritive value beyond fibre.


I can’t believe I spaced on psyllium husk, thanks that fits perfectly.
What do you mean by fast carbs?


I mean it’s high-GI, which means it’s digested and absorbed into your bloodstream faster, which means (in extreme terms) you get an energy spike followed by a crash. 300 calories’ worth should be fine though, assuming your other carbohydrates are slow/long-chain/complex carbs (e.g. oat powder etc)

Yeah psyllium husk is good stuff, just make sure you get it powdered, they’re not very pleasant whole!


Another issue I just found, another thread says that it’s important to have more calcium than phosphorus to strengthen teeth, currently I’ve got it backwards (I seem to have a lot of trouble keeping phosphorus levels down).
My main source of calcium, whole milk, is also my largest source of phosphorus so I can’t simply scale it up at anything like a convenient rate. I’ve already got 1.5L of milk in the recipe when I started which feels like a lot so I don’t want to scale up the liquid anyway.


Okay that’s not so bad, because the base recipe I started with has 1.5L of milk I was planning to have several glasses throughout the day anyway which with that small amount of fast carbs should give me an average sort of energy high I think with minimal crashing


Heh, I have the same problem (though I’m only using 1L of milk per day). I could get it back to 1:1… if I removed the oat flour entirely. There goes nearly 1/3 of my calories. I’d need to reduce phosphorous rather than increase calcium too, since they’re both close to their respective upper limits (in fact phosphorous is over calcium’s UL).

Yeah that should be fine :slight_smile:


Haha you’ve been really helpful so I trolled your profile to see if you had a recipe posted and I realised the base recipe I’m using is a copy of yours lol I’ll have to look at your recipe to see if this guy just butchered it, maybe your recipe already has what I want xD


Hahaha happy to help. My recipe changes pretty frequently anyway, so I have no idea which version your is based off.


#11 is blocked at work for some stupid reason. I do have a recipe on there, but it’s horribly outdated, haha. I find my spreadsheet easier to work with anyway (I shamelessly copied the layout from someone else, can’t remember who)/


I really like the layout on MakeSoylent and the guy that runs it keeps updating and adding new features which is great and you can look at a recipe with a variety of nutrient guidelines which is really useful. The one I’m using is a Male 19-30, 2010 DRI, Gym and Programming guide that sets a higher bar on carbs, protein and calories which I’m hoping should help me with weight gain because my high metabolism has always made me skinny :stuck_out_tongue:
I just looked under Australian recipes to find that one so unless you’ve got a different name on there I’m guessing your recipe is either set to the US default or is privated.
I saw your Google spreadsheet of your recipe linked in your other thread, I’ll cross-reference properly in a bit but it already looks like you’ve got the calories, fibre and carbs where I wanted them although your calcium:phsophate levels are still an issue. Maybe a calcium tablet would be the easy fix?
Whoever copied you recipe seems to have tuned it more toward weight loss which is not what I wanted lol


fat is 9 cal per gram, alcohol 7 and protein and carbs are both 4. So if you add 300g of carbohydrates, in any form, be it complex or simple sugar, it will give you 1200 more calories, there is no wayaround that.