More frequent (and possibly more quantity) of poo on soylent


I’ve been on my own DIY recipe for a couple of months; about half my food intake is soylent. Current recipe here.

I poo more frequently the more soylent I eat. I’m not sure whether I’m pooing more in total or smaller amounts more often, testing this won’t be very pleasant, but I plan to find some way of doing it.

Another thread also mentioned this.

Anyone else experienced this? It’s not what should be happening but my recipe seems pretty standard. It was worst when I had all my carbs from oats, so I may try cutting oats down further.


Ah I hadn’t made the recipe public. Have done so now. Btw frequency has gone from 1x per day on no soylent to 2x or 3x with soylent.


It may be an interaction between soylent and your normal diet. Any way you can figure out the nutrient break down of your normal-food diet?


I think it’s unlikely, as the more soylent I have the more obvious it is. But it’ll be worth trying going some days on exclusive soylent to see what happens.

Non soylent food is mostly pasta, fish, chicken, yoghurt, fruit in normal proportions.

I would guess either my solyent isn’t being digested properly, which would be strange as I have no problems digesting anything else, and my recipe is fairly standard, or soylent is speeding up my digestive system, hence higher poo frequency.


250g of oats is a lot of oats…


Yes it’s definitely high compared to other recipes. In theory it’s good because it contains carbs, protein, fat and fibre all in one (and I like the taste), but it may be the cause of this problem so I’m going to experiment with cutting down.

Anyone have any recommendations for alternative low GI carb sources? I’d rather not make up the difference with maltodextrin as I find it unpleasantly sweet.


Hhm official soylent still seems to use oats for 50% of carb intake as of late July, that’s even more than me.


Have you looked into almond flour? It might be a bit easier on the gut.


Probably its because the type of fiber. Insoluble fiber promotes faster bowel movements, soluble fiber promotes slower ones.

Roughly half the fiber in oats is insoluble, and 2/3 of the one in flaxseed too.
In comparison most other recipes uses psyllium husks (soluble fiber) for a substantial portion of their fiber intake in addition to the oats.

Aside of that I should point that your recipe has a too low omega-6/omega-3 ratio (roughly 0.5).

I suggest replacing some of the oats and flaxseed with an omega-6 rich fat (like olive oil) and psyllium husks.


Do you soak the oats 24 hours before ingesting it?


250g of oats is a lot of fiber that will make your gut work.


@Teseracto Thanks for the useful post. With 250g oats I’m getting my entire fibre requirement from them (21.25g) so I’ll try cutting the oats down and replacing the fibre part with psyllium husks.

I want to keep all my ingredients in powder form, so will look for an omega-6 powder. If not may try the olive oil dehydration method.

@canman888 no, I normally make soylent a couple of hours before eating it. I’m not willing to soak the oat powder for 24 hours every time as I like to keep it in powder form so I can carry it around more easily.

@mrob no I haven’t, I’ll look into it.


There is in fact 0.77g omega-6 in 100g oats, so you should be able to cut oats down to 200g and still keep everything in powder form, while maintaining the recommended amount of omega-6

Also, when ingesting that much oat, I would recommend adding a digestive enzyme like this one
Demo here: