More HUNGRY after drinking Soylent 1.5, what's up with that?

LOVED the idea of Soylent - FREEDOM from having to plan and prepare two fairly nutritious meals a day. Like to cook but can’t do every single meal. Eating out is unhealthy or too expensive. So Soylent is the answer. Especially if it is sustainably produced and/or has a lower impact on our planet than other food.

I am happy with the flavor - like drinking it. So why am I more HUNGRY after I drink 1/2 a serving? I feel literally MORE HUNGRY, even to the point of getting a headache. I eat other food along with it same as always. I haven’t dared trying to make a whole meal of Soylent but would like to. Maybe I eat less cause I’ve drunk 250 calories already. Don’t know. Maybe I’m eating too little along with it. Problem is - my stomach seems to expand as if full but my head feels light and my chest feels hollow as if hungry. Very confusing.

I do know I don’t react well to Sucralose - could this be a reaction to the tiny amount that’s in it?

What food do you normally eat? If you’re used to a low-carb diet, that might explain your reaction to Soylent 1.5.


What do you mean by half a serving? You have to learn what portions of Soylent work for you. I used to start the day with about 800 cals of Soylent, and was full the rest of the day with smaller portions.


Did you count calories before trying out Soylent? I knew going in approximately how many calories per day I needed, and the general breakdown of what type of calories I needed as well, since I’ve been a vegetarian, and a bodybuilder for 10 years or so. At first blush it sounds like you’re experiencing symptoms of a reduction in caloric intake, the light-headedness and feeling generally still hungry. I drink an entire bag of 1.5 a day, along with a scoop of whey protein, and a scoop of PB2 per “meal”, which is approximately 3 blender bottles a day.

Have you noticed this after being on soylent for a week or two, or is this a more immediate reaction to trying it out? Have you noticed any weight loss?


I think you need to drink plenty of wanter with 1.5

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I had similar symptoms when I started drinking 2.0. It was causing my blood sugar to dive, creating those hungry feelings. Solution: I bought a multi-pack of small raisin boxes, and had a box (or a pouch of fruit snacks) after drinking a bottle of Soylent. Problem solved, and the need for something sugary after drinking Soylent went away over time.

Your body probably just isn’t used to the change, especially if your body is used to MORE carbs (not low-carbs.) This has happened to me as well after I switched from a fast food diet to Soylent. Give it some time and you’ll be fine. Also, it could be because you’re only eating 250 calories, which is like half a double cheeseburger from McDonalds. Eat a full serving or more if you’re still hungry until your body adjusts.


If you potentially need something more in your Soylent we did make a brunch of 1.5 recipes on our pinterest page:

Today I got back to 1.5 (because it’s cheaper than 2.0) and I have to say, I find it more satiating than 2.0. It feels thicker. It sits inside my stomach. I feel like I’ve actually consumed food. As opposed to 2.0 where I feel like I just drank milk.


Unfortunately, I love milk. So I could drink 2.0 by the gallon. Instead, I bought a month’s worth of 1.5 yesterday, and I’m sure it will be more satiating.


Yup! Me too!

Part of the reason why I’m switching to 1.5 (and also the cost difference is a big factor).

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