More info on cocoa flavanols

A while back I asked if anyone was supplementing with cocoa flavanols. (here)

Well yesterday Mars Inc. uploaded a video with more information about them. In a recent study they found that the older group (50 and over) had the arterial health of people in their 30’s after taking the compound. I’m waiting for this stuff to get cheaper but I thought it was interesting. Maybe this stuff will be added to the list of vitamins. Or maybe someday the elderly will have a longer list of vitamins because… biology.

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If there’s something I learned, Always take food studies with a huge pile of salt.


Mars Inc. is the company with the patent on the production method for cocoa flavanols.


Yep, pretty smart move

Lol that was an interesting read. Just to clarify though, the study was on a single compound, not food.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, salty.

Maybe on a mostly-Soylent diet your arterial health would already be pretty good.

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I agree that Soylent is good for blood pressure and such, but I try not to be too vein about it.


The up side? Studies -> lots of media coverage…