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I ordered a week of soylent to try it. I didn’t notice until after I ordered it that it will take 10-12 weeks to ship. This seems like a long time. I would be more OK with it if I knew why it was taking this long. I know there are a lot of orders, sure. I don’t see why that would make it take 10-12 weeks though. This causes a problem for me because I will be moving around then. Since I need to have it shipped someplace else, I emailed soylent about this. A month later they emailed me back to log in and update my information. I couldn’t log in, so I emailed them back letting me know. They told me I couldn’t log in because I didn’t set up for reorders. I’m afraid I won’t be able to get this issue resolved in the ridiculously long amount of time I have to wait for it to be shipped. With a 10-12 week waiting period, I feel like this might be a common issue. This being in their FAQ would seem like a good option.


They’re producing a brand new product and it takes time to scale. Not to mention the tens of thousands of preorders. Consider yourself lucky - many of us waited more than a year.


Hello @new_to_soylent, sorry for the conflicting answers you got from Soylent customer support. Please feel free to PM me your new address whenever you have it, and I’ll make sure that your Soylent goes to the right place. Thanks for your support and patience!


That is the thing though. To me, tens of thousands is small. Companies have managed to ship similar amounts of products within days with the amount of money soylent received.


The problem is (probably… #speculation) related to the rice protein. Soylent is the ONLY major buyer of the particular rice protein they use. They’ve had a few hold-ups so far that they’ve attempted to expedite, but in this case, they are at the mercy of their supplier’s ability to produce.

The supplier in question holds a patent, so they can’t even buy from anywhere else.

This is, to a large extent, speculation. Rosa isn’t talking about the real reason things are moving slow, nor should they. But hopefully that helps inform a bit of why they’re facing trouble getting all the orders out as quickly as we - and they - would like.


I did exactly what you did. I ordered a week’s worth to try it out back in early May. In theory, I probably have a month to go, but it’s hard to tell, given the huge number of people ahead of me. I never heard of the stuff until I read the New Yorker piece.

I’m sure as they get the kinks out of production, things will smooth out and new orders will be processed more quickly. I do worry about whan timmyf just said - there being only one supplier of the rice protein. Sounds kind of risky to me, but then again, I’m not in the food business so what do I know. :smile:

I will probably be placing a second order and on a subscription basis before my original order arrives. In the weeks since I placed my order, I’ve read enough to be confident that I’ll like it.


Other companies are bigger and more experienced with the logistics required to source all of the ingredients and manage the tens of thousands of orders.

If these problems still exist in a year I will be less laissez-faire about the situation, but I would imagine that a bunch of engineers backed with venture capital should be able to fix these problems eventually.


@Zombie- I wouldn’t worry too much. If it is the rice protein - and mind you, that’s purely speculation on my part - the supplier should be able to maintain or slowly ramp up production without too much trouble.

The slow part is ramping from 0 to “enough to meet demand for all these preorders.”

I also wouldn’t doubt that they’re building up inventory while they see what percentage re-orders. The earliest one-month orders went out a few weeks ago and the larger month+ orders should be coming up for re-order soon as well, so they might just be trying to get more data before they increase their total user base.


I can also add that although I don’t work for the company, it makes sense that yes they are at the mercy of a supplier and at the mercy of still trying to fill all the back orders - going from 0 to 1000’s, however when the numbers finally add up and a sustaining profit is realized after loans are paid, there will be a different formula and quicker response.

Hang on through their growing pains. Things will get better with time.