More like Foo-disappointing Bar, am i right

I wrote this on the subreddit a few weeks ago but forgot to post it here, it came to mind because I’m within viewing distance for running out of powder.

History of pricing:

  1. first with the powder they started around $9 a day + free shipping if you purchased the highest order, and IIRC more like $12 a day if you had a one-week subscription.
  2. then at some point they got rid of bulk discount while reducing the base price, which means it cost the same to get a 1-week subscription as a 4-week subscription, which was and is currently $7.71 a day.
  3. when 2.0 released it cost $348 for a month’s worth, around $12.18 per day.
  4. when 2.0 launched on Amazon Rosa Labs increased its price (reduced subscription discount) so 2.0 is now about $388 a month or $13.60 per day. You can get it down to $12.18 again if you fuss with the Amazon subscription thing to maximize their sub benefit and buy a lot of 2.0, but it’ll always be more expensive from Rosa Labs’ website.
  5. Coffiest came out and it’s slightly more expensive than 2.0, IIRC around 15% more expensive.
  6. Food Bar is now $1.83 per bar with subscription and the first product to not have free shipping, although it does become free if you subscribe for more than 1 box. This is $14.64 per day.

In short 2.0, Coffiest, and Food Bar are progressively more expensive than each other (2.0 even increased in price) and they are all priced comparable to fast food, which is fairly expensive. The powder product 1.6 is their “inexpensive, healthy, fast nutrition” that’s priced comparable to groceries, which they intend to lower the price even more and I believe them since they’ve already done it once.

I understand 2.0 and Coffiest and similar things were always going to be their premium, higher-margin products because shipping all that extra water weight fundamentally excludes them from being very cheap, so why not go for tasty, convenient, and premium. It’s made more acceptable by the fact that they’re investing in clinical trials and algae GMO science to push the field forward.

However Food Bar is different. Straight from Rob’s mouth most of 2.0’s cost is shipping water weight. The bar form-factor does not have a significantly higher weight than powder. This bar product could have been a second “inexpensive, healthy, fast nutrition” to accompany the powder given that the manufacturing costs should not be much higher.

I do not prefer to drink my meals, I want solid food. I’ve been waiting for Rosa Labs to deliver a solid form because they’re the company doing complete foods the best and they have the best goals and most means to achieve them. TL;DR The fact they chose to make their solid form a premium product rather than an affordable product is very disappointing. If they plan to continue along this path and only offer powder I’ll probably switch from RL’s powder to Joylent’s twenny bars since they’re actually pricing it at $10 a day not $15.

I think I joked about this before, that soylent will have made it when we can have complete nutrition pizza out of our replicators. Drinking hastily mixed powder is just a mean to the end of achieving complete foods in formats that are actually enjoyable to consume. Now that enjoyable, solid food is coming to the market I’m afraid RL will fall behind their competition in general as they have personally with me.


I expect economy of scale will bring the price(s) down, eventually. I feel like this is all still quite new at this point. IDK how long of a time frame is fair, though. 5 years?

That said, Foobar is indeed awesome & can’t be beat. Preach! :wink:


Yes, not sure why they made a snack instead of what everyone was asking for.


Ditto… was rally hoping the solid form of Soylent would be a drop in replacement for the powder (at a similar price).


I’ve been asking for either a sammich form factor, or Soylent-on-a-stick.

either or

I’m still hopeful. :hugging:


I was hoping for a 400- 500 calorie food bar with a nurtural flavor similar to 1.6/2.0, about 120 gram weight, scored so it could be separated into four 100-125 calorie pieces, priced at $2.00 ea.


I hear you. Personally I’m having trouble jumping on the Twenny bandwagon. The foreign nature of their website is not for me, and I don’t see a lot of details about what’s in a Twenny bar. I do see what looks like a large amount of saturated fat. I am going to try Mealsquares and see where that goes. They are pricey, but cheaper per calorie than the Soylent bar. And it’s made to be a meal versus a snack, though they have a short shelf life.



Mealsquares are exceptionally dry and dense, so be careful about ordering them and expecting something delicious.


Twennybar ingredients can be seen on this page:

English translation starts about halfway down the first column of ingredients.

Regarding saturated fat, recent scientific research suggests it isn’t bad for you as previously believed, and intake of it doesn’t actually raise blood cholesterol.

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I really like the concept behind Twennybars, and they’re a better value than the Soylent bars…

But I can’t buy them. My main concern with Twennybars is the fact that there is more than 10g of glycerol in each Twennybar. Glycerol causes laxative effects and gas.

So while Twennybars are fine as a snack once a day, if I replaced my diet with Twennybars, I feel as if I would have significant digestive issues.

I also really like the fact that Soylent is completely vegan. It’s really nice to be on a diet that steers clear of animal products while still maintaining an optimal level of nutrition.

…kind of figured they would be dense. Not expecting delicious at all. Exceptionally dry could be an issue.

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You should try a ten-square sample pack see how much you can tolerate them.

Personally, by the end of my trial, I couldn’t stand them. I ordered the trial, finished the 10 bars, and went right back to Soylent 2.0. I’d honestly rather drink all of my meals.

In theory MealSquares is a great idea, and I look forward to seeing how they continue to iterate on and improve the recipe, but there’s a reason why it’s still “in beta.”

Your mileage may vary. Different people have different tastes, so you may like them more than me.


Couldn’t you just make your own meal square? It’s more like a baked good and will cost way less than buying from a third party.

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Huh?? First: The reason I, and I would think most others, are even here talking about drinking Soylent and eating Soylent bars and Mealsquares is because we don’t want to make anything. That’s the point of wanting these things. Second: No. I cannot, will not, and do not want to make my own mealsquares. Do you realize what that would involve to get the right nutrients in there to make for a healthy meal replacement?


I would assume you could use a DYI Soylent recipe - then take into account an egg, baking powder, and a dash of salt. Add in some almond milk and some apple sauce for moisture.


Yes. A dash of salt.


I f you nuke them for 15 seconds they improve immensely.

Yes, a dash of salt, unless you want to make hard tack.

You can make 60 calorie brownies using rolled oats, greek yogurt, almond milk, stevia, cocoa powder, an egg, baking powder, and dash of salt.

I’m sure you can make a Soylent Square. You already have a source of complete nutritional powder, you just need to bind it and get it to rise. Yes, certain vitamins will degrade in heat, blend up a vitamin in along with the powder.

But yes it defeats the grab and go ease of use factor.

Since I make dinner every day I guess baking a couple of “meal squares” for the week is doable.


Right. Blend up a vitamin.

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I’m going to take a guess… You haven’t done DIY soylent have you?