More Payments options?


I would like to purchase the new 2.0 but I cannot make the payment with my Visa/Debit card.

My card work very well with Paypal and many other online stores. This is the only thing that keep me from buying except the fact that the exchange rate is very bad right now.

Send a PM to @Conor, he’ll give you a warm fire and hot cocoa and tell you what’s what.

I’ve used Visa, both debit and credit, to place orders without issue. If you’d still like to pay with you’re Visa email support to try and resolve the error.

How 'bout a warm chocolate Soylent?

That sounds delicious does it even exist?

Ill look into this solution when I’m ready to purchase a batch of Soylent.

I’m now trying my first batch of Biolent which is easier for me to purchase for now.

Now that I think about it. I’ve seen this kind of problem with some merchants and the problem was that they were using an older payment processor and Visa Debit wasn’t supported. Could this be the problem?

While I haven’t tried it yet I expect some chocolate syrup would pair nicely with 2.0.

Perhaps, but it’s always worked for me with Soylent. I have had issues with those same cards with a fish oil vendor, I need to call those folks up to place an order as is time to make a batch of my soylent, but haven’t gotten around to it yet.

Rich chocolate + slight marshmellow flavored Soylent that you heat up… sounds good, but I doubt Rob would abide the oven top use.

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