More weird thoughts...Soylent IS people!

So was reading yet another ‘Soylent Green is people’ commentary, and it struck me that in a weird way, Soylent is People. Give me a sec before you roll your eyes OK?

If you think about it, as you consume things, your cells divide and replace/heal etc. The building blocks of your cells, if you consume Soylent, therefore in part come from Soylent.

If you consumed 100% Soylent for long enough you’d essentially be made entirely of reorganized Soylent.

Would be interesting to see an estimator to say ‘You are now approximately x % Soylent’.

Ok, you can roll your eyes now…


So basically: you are what you eat? That makes sense; but here’s a question: does the water count?

If it doesn’t count then you’ve got an upper theoretical limit of about 40% Soylent no matter how much you consumed.

But if the water in Soylent does count towards the percentage, then your %Soylent quotient would probably go up pretty fast, but never really reach 100%, because Soylent doesn’t provide enough water on its own to sustain you. (Unless you start doing some shady gimmicks like distilling the water out of some of the bottles to make up the difference.)

Now you can do the eye-rolling, too! :roll_eyes:


I think somebody made that point a long time ago here. Soylent is people. Not in that it’s made of people, but in that it contains everything used to make people.


Instead of saying “Soylent is people”… we should say “People are Soylent”?


I believe it was in an article written by The New Yorker I could be wrong but Rob himself said he thinks about it often, how if we consumed a 100% Soylent diet long enough essentially we would be made up of … well Soylent!

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So what you’re saying is

You are what you eat
We eat Soylent
Therefore Soylent is people!

That sounds about right :upside_down_face: