Most Innovative Startups in LA


From Inc.

The 7 Most Innovative Startups in Los Angeles
These young companies are producing disruptive ideas and raising millions in funding.

  1. Soylent
    The processes to produce and distribute the plant- and animal-based products that go into our food are costly and wasteful. And of course turning those ingredients into dinner night after night is incredibly time-consuming. That’s why one 26-year-old entrepreneur, Rob Rhinehart, decided in 2013 to engineer something more efficient. Soylent, which comes in powdered form, is a meal-replacement shake that contains almost all of the nutrients that a person needs daily. It may sound like a joke–the connection to the sci-fi film Soylent Green doesn’t help–but the food alternative is gaining traction. Investors including Andreessen Horowitz, Lerer Ventures, and Index Ventures have put almost $25 million combined into the company. Soylent, which already is profitable, pulled in $10 million in revenue in 2014 and expects to increase that figure to $36 million this year.


I wonder what nutrients are missing? Maybe the magic ones?


Magic beans.