Most "Pro-Innovation" US Presidential Candidate?

Which US Presidential candidate would you consider the most pro-innovation?

I read this article on TechCrunch about the Libertarian candidate and it got me thinking.


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Are we jumping into politics? Oh goodie!!
FWIW Gary Johnson has run a 2:48 marathon, finished Ironman Kona in 10:38 and climbed Everest… So that’s kinda cool.

Too bad our system doesn’t handle 3rd party candidates. It’s unclear if Johnson would hurt Trump or Clinton more.


Speaking of innovation, there is a lot of interesting stuff I’d like to discuss about the hypermodern chess openings, which were primarily developed by World War II prisoners of war, and then transformed world chess. Maybe the development of Soylent could be compared! This hypermodern opening theory actually merged with classical opening theory, but now computer analysis is changing opening theory just as much.


Jesus. Yeah, get that idiot into office. Let’s Amazon everything too! And Tinder! Tinder… all the things.


I’m in. Paul D. Waite for President, 2016.

Honestly though, I don’t know much about the guy other than the article, but it sounded good when I read it:

I assume the other candidates would have said similarly appealing (sounding) things as well though. I am not very political, so I really don’t have any idea. I did see a tweet or something somewhere with #FeelTheJohnson (presumably to try and get the Bernie Sanders supporters who #FeelTheBern) which I thought was both hilarious and slightly disturbing.


#FeelTheJohnson: I like it.

Yeah it’s just a bit vacuous as a soundbite — obviously all soundbites are. “Sharing economy” is kind of nonsense — Uber is a business like any other, with people relying on it for their livelihood; as is Airbnb, with people relying on it for a safe place to stay. Regulations don’t usually spring from nothing but a desire to regulate; they come about in an attempt to solve and prevent problems, problems which aren’t magically dealt with because a new business comes along and puts people in touch via an app.


I liked him as governor here, he did well for the state, he’d certainly be better than some others. In general I think he’s more of a live and let live, only regulate as needed kind of guy. As an aside, when he left office he grew out his hair and I started to get a bit of a hippie vibe… maybe it was just the hair though.

@GregH, I don’t know how often he does it now, but he used to be big in Trek for Trash after he left office in NM. They would ride their bikes throughout the state every year to clean up.


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Lol but srsly, Gary Johnson supports nuclear weapons research and spying on ‘enemy’ nations. He also has no intention of increasing foreign aid.

If that’s the kind of person you guys wanna vote for, have at it.

The most pro-innovation presidential candidate is obviously Donald Trump. There was a composer who composed music based on dice-throwing; I think that was Aaron Copeland. Donald Trump is the Aaron Copeland of American politics. His political statements are inconsistent from day to day; the reason the public doesn’t hold him responsible for what he says is that no one takes him seriously.

Nothing creates innovation like randomized action. I fully expect Donald Trump to continue not making sense into any political office he may hold, and to the extent he has his hands on the levers of power, they will wiggle erratically. The rest of us will be compelled to jounce and jiggle to his random movements. We will all be innovating but not to any purpose.


Having read a few more articles on him, he claims to have veto’d more legislation as governor than all of the other governors combined. (while he was in office)

Apparently he was the CEO of a weed company as well? Definitely seems to be a hippie on social issues (pot, LGBT rights, military, etc.) which is kind of awesome.

After reading up a bit more on Johnson, I saw a quote where he wants to completely get rid of the NSA. (apparently it is an executive order that could be rescinded at any time?) Not sure on the nuclear weapons thing but apparently he is very non-interventionist (wants out of all wars and to decrease military spending?) I am guessing that the lack of increase to foreign aid is likely just not wanting to increase any government spending. (being a libertarian and all) Who knows, though.

Not being very political, and not knowing who I should support, I took the quiz at to see who it says I should support. I would recommend anyone taking the 10 minutes to fill out the survey to see who they support on issues.


“We can no longer afford to shell out billions in foreign aid.” - 2012

Lol I mean what else is there to say, guys a tool. Wants to live in a peaceful perfect world but doesn’t wanna spend a dime on it.

Can’t take that test, I’d end up leaving each one blank. I keep asking myself on every question “for how long? How soon? To what end?” They seem like hot button issues with very little substance or situational awareness

Haha, I am sure there are other quizzes out there, that is just the first one that came up when I searched. I did tend to go with the more complicated “other stances” on each issue.

I just know a lot of people support a candidate with no actual evidence that they actually agree with the stances of said politician. Better to be at least a little evidence based in ones approach, I think.

All of the candidates see every single country as a potential cash cow, or moderately useful geopolitically. Every single 2016 candidate, past and present, think the world is a game to be won. It’s shallow. And apparently it’s what most voters and media outlets eat up every election cycle.

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After the last couple days around here I found this one amusing…

[quote]Should producers be required to label genetically engineered foods (GMOs)?



Yes, but I would prefer to ban GMOs

Yes, consumers have a right to know what is in their food

Yes, I trust the science of responsible food engineering but I don’t trust the motives of the food companies selling them

No, we have selectively bred crops for thousands of years and labeling just adds an unfounded stigma to the science

No, GMOs are the most promising solution to ending world hunger

Regardless, producers should not be allowed to patent foods

Add your own stance [/quote]

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Yeah, a while after he left office got into it (that hair would have made @vanclute proud though), while perusing the interwebs tonight I’m reminded he started smoking pot after an accident where he fell 50 feet and got really busted up.

An apparent exception to Betteridge’s law, that’s more than just a few vetoes. And from Wikipedia…


By the way when I mentioned his stance on spying, I was specifically referring to what he and other candidates call “enemy nations”. I have no doubts that he would keep his word on either decommissioning or drastically shrinking the NSA, but he still supports spying on foreign governments.

He wants to completely end foreign aid. That’s anything but a hippie. Here’s another one of his stances:

“No foreign aid spending unless it protects U.S. interests.” - 2011

It has nothing to do with balancing the budget, he just literally does not care about anyone or anything but America. He’s out of his mind.

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I would think that all foreign aid spending is designed to protect US interests, some because they protect global interests, and US interests are a subset of global interests. The US, after all, is connected to the rest of the world, and even Donald Trump hasn’t found a way to sever that connection.