Most Time on Soylent?


What’s the longest anyone has eaten solely (DIY) soylent?
At this point if Rob has started eating other things someone has probably out-streaked him.

What recipes were used, what physical changes were experienced under extremely prolonged use?

In the absence of any formal study, self-reporting could be some of the best data on long-term soylent consumption.


Brain autocompleted imagery of the word “out-streak.”

Cannot unsee.


imagines Rob streaking for months, escaping authorities to the tune of Born Free


Wait, when did Rob quit consuming Soylent?

If he quit consuming Soylent, then I think that I might be one of the closest.
This is my 11th month on Soylent and in those 10.5 months I have averaged around 90% Soylent and 10% regular food.


and how did it effect you harvey? you do it for health reasons? weight loss? lack of time for cooking?


I’m nowhere near the longest. I’ve been about 6 weeks. Pretty much every day with little more than snacks otherwise. I didn’t respond earlier because the question was “eaten solely DIY” and I never intended to be 100%. I’m keeping my weight about the same so I don’t scare the wife and family. :smile:


So far I really enjoy being on Soylent.

I started Soylent because of the efficiency and cost.

I haven’t lost any weight on Soylent (thankfully).

It takes me around 30 minutes a day to concoct, consume and clean.
I spend around 37 minutes once a week to mix together my macros, and it takes me around 43 minutes to mix up my micros twice a month.


If I may ask, what weight are you? Also, how many calories are in your recipe?



Rob is still consuming Soylent. @rob how about sharing what the biggest change/s has been for you now that you have been consuming soylent for over a year?


I weigh about 210 lbs at 6’9"
My goal is to gain around another 40 to 50 lbs, but sadly I have been unable to achieve that goal in the last decade.

My recipe includes 3668 calories per day and that has allowed me to maintain my current weight. When I was eating regular food, I was consuming 6,000 calories a day to maintain my current weight. Any decrease in calorie intake on regular food and I would begin to drastically lose weight.


15 months and going strong. I’m still healthy and I fully expect Soylent to be a regular part of my diet the rest of my life.

The biggest challenge is making sure I always have some available. Every day I think “wow I really wish Soylent were shipping”. That will not be an issue come Wednesday. Other than that you get pretty spoiled for convenience and cost. A grocery store or take out place with a line looks frustratingly slow and complicated. The other day I spent $60 buying dinner for a friend and thought “wow that could have fed me for a week”. I even want to eliminate the hassle of adding water so we’re undertaking development of an RTD soon.

My whole perspective on leisure, pleasure, restaurants, culture, cooking, and farming has changed. The experience has been not only physically transformative but mentally as well. Might be that Eicosapentaenoic acid. I’ll write more in depth on my blog soon.


@rob What’s your blog?


even eliminating water? nice, and undertaking what? rtd acronym release to date is only rtd i can think of and dont make sense in that sentence


RTD = Ready To Drink (thanks to wikipedia :smile: )


only problem wth that is the 3 day shelf life of soylent mixed


I wonder what would be required to make Soylent into a pudding or yogurt type treat.


Putting Soylent talk aside, how does it feel to know your idea is a success and you’re going to be a multimillionaire? :smiley:



Can we just concentrate on eliminating the oil please, “RTD” just smacks of = more expensive, more difficult to send mass quantities, won’t last as long.

I love Rob’s ‘sales pitch’ but can we cut the BS please. To sum up, yes Soylent is (MUCH) cheaper than eating out all the time… We get that but it’s not cheaper than making your own food even some of the time and while I understand that it isn’t necessarily nutritionally complete, I’m SURE someone could work out a nutritionally complete home made meal plan that is cheaper.


Nobody claims Soylent is the cheapest way to eat. Nor that it is the cheapest way to get a healthy diet. However, it does come with many other savings. Even if I could cook for a weak for cheaper than soylent and get something just as healthy, that still has less utility to me. The convenience of not having to cook and being able to quickly grab something healthy is a large part of the draw. If I could get cans of soylent that I could just drink it would be even better. Yes, there are tradeoffs, but he didn’t say he was planning on eliminating the powder option.


Sure but they can’t charge us for our time…

People have demonstrated (only considering the 100% DIY soylent recipes) that Soylent can be made significantly cheaper. Sure you have to factor in the VAST amounts of R&D that Soylent has put into the official recipe (which I am whole heartedly grateful for) and the cost of paying a co-packer, etc etc but give the obscenely huge quantities of each ingredient that Soylent purchased, you’d have hoped that it would have counteracted the R&D/etc and then some.

Fact is, Soylent needs to come down in price, I’m okay with it how it is now because I get that I wasn’t just buying Soylent, I was paying to help with everything which I am happy to do because I want to see them succeed, but after the initial batch (and maybe even the second), it needs to come down.