Motivation with Soylent


This is something that really interests me, and I would love to hear from people who are currently using Soylent.

I always had problems with motivation - I don’t think I tend towards depression, but I seem to be a kind of phlegmatic type of person. I love to -think- about things to do, but if it comes to actually doing them…
You get the idea.
In fact I have a slight hypofunction of the thyroid - it’s often said that this could be the reason for motivational problems, but even with weeks of meds, nothing changed.

I don’t think soylent is a wonder-formula, but I really hoped it could boost motivation, endurance - what are your experiences?


Soylent hasn’t made a difference for me in this regard. It’s helped keep me focused to actually do things I was motivated to do though.

I used to have this problem. The occasional feeling of “blah”, sometimes for days on end. I actually found for me the solution was that I didn’t have any goals at these times. I needed to identify something I wanted, pin it down. Could be anything - material or immaterial. The feeling was that I didn’t have anything chosen. I would take some time to determine what I wanted next/most in my life, and then (not necessarily on the same day, but over time) gear my expectations toward believing it would come about, and then this would awaken the motivation within me as well as inspire particular actions. Sorry, a bit off topic. Good luck.


No problem because of the offtopic - I really liked reading it.

It’s not that I get nothing done, but it takes a huge amount of willpower for me (and I have clear goals, so the chosing isn’t my problem). Maybe if I too have such a healthy, deep sleep like some other soylent users here, this alone will help with the motivation - or it’s something else. But maybe someone here has made experiences in this area. Would really like to hear.


In that case I’ll continue off the soylent topic a bit. Why do you think or rather, believe you have a hard time? It can be this very thing that holds you back. It’s hard to achieve something while believing it’s impossible, many of us don’t even realize we do this. Sometimes you have to have a conversation with yourself like talking to a stranger and ask,

“And why can’t you do that?”
“Well it’s because…”

“And why do you think that’s relevant?” “Well because…”

“But isn’t that just… this?” “Hmm. That’s interesting, but it’ll probably turn out like…”

“Just because you think so doesn’t mean it’s necessarily so, right?” “Hm, you know what, that’s true!”

Silly example. Point being you often don’t realize the reasons you think something is un-achievable despite having them the whole time. Once you’re aware of them you can look at their validity or pick them apart with reasoning. Soon you realize your doubts were all bunk, and you feel a surge of relief and motivation. I never found anything profound in the phrase “know thyself” until I started having conversations with myself, the things I believe but don’t consciously realize I believe are astounding, and once corrected I no longer block myself and I achieve results.


If I may, I’ll add to the off-topic.
being motivated and “do things”, like many other topics, is easier when you are trained at it.
But, like for a sport for example, you can’t just do the whole thing the first time.
Train gradualy. Extend your “action circle” progressively. Read about Kaizen.

To be a little more in the topic if you have problem finding a deep-sleep, read about “Griffonia Simplicifolia”.