Mouse paw found in new bag (Practical Joke)


Just opened a new bag and at the end was a freaking mouse paw/foot thing.

Turns out my wife is a jokester and thought I’d get a kick out of it.

I did not…But revenge will be sweet!


I think this is funny, and all that. But it seems to create a new topic just to share this sort of muddles up the topics, and opens the door for a flood of single-post, special interest topics.

Maybe this could just fit in another topic? Maybe there should just be a “Miscellaneous anecdotes” topic?

(Same with your “My pitcher handle just broke, but it was my fault” thread you started. You seem good with “Topic” badges; you probably don’t need to fish for more. :smile:)


Pics or it didn’t happen :smile:


I completely agree. Muggle is known to make quite a few pointless topics, which are mainly there for humor :slight_smile: he means well I am sure.

I think if discourse had a more old school forum format with sections/tabs, it would seem less cluttered with such topics.


They seem to have taken the lounge away


Nah, it is still there I think :wink: at least, I can see it. That means you may just have lost the “rights” to use it.


Probably…I’ve been in Germany for work for over a month and haven’t been on here at all


i don’t know about everyone else but when I look the Lounge category has a lock symbol by it. I haven’t tried to post there.


im gonna bet every mod here clicked this thread >_>


yeah… @Muggle, I’d prefer if you’d please update the title to at least note that it was a practical joke :wink:

Giving away the punchline aside, it’s probably best not to panic people who just skim the topic titles, you know?


It works :slight_smile: the lounge that is.