"Move Over Quinoa: The All New Superfoods You Need To Try In 2016"

from Marie Claire: “Move Over Quinoa: The All New Superfoods You Need To Try In 2016

Briefly mentions Soylent amongst other “superfoods”. Works in a negative opinion about it from a nutritionist.


‘If Rhinehart indeed thinks that living off a processed shake is better than a fresh, natural, wholefood diet, then he is misguided,’ says nutritionist Kim Pearson. ‘It contains nearly four teaspoons of sugar, and the second-highest ingredient is sunflower oil, which is known to increase inflammation.’

She’s probably not wrong about the “fresh, natural, wholefood diet”. But is she volunteering to do the shopping and cooking to provide it?

I didn’t think any version of Soylent contained sugar. Is she confusing sugar with carbs? Or with the artificial sweeteners?

Isomaltulose is technically a sugar, so it must be listed as a sugar on the label, but it is digested much slower than sucrose, which means it affects the body very differently.

I’m unsure if her statement conflates isomaltulose with table sugar by mistake or through an intent to misinform (when a layman reads “sugar” they think “table sugar,” not “any of a number of sugars”). For all we know she didn’t do her homework.


If history is any guide, I think this is probably most likely.