Movie The Circle


In a current “sci-fi” movie called The Circle, a prospective employee is asked to choose between Soylent or Sushi. With a laugh, she chooses Sushi.


That choice was almost as bad as the movie was!


Yes, I stopped watching it shortly.


I wish I had lol.

The premise was good, it just didn’t really go anywhere and when it looked like there was about to be a big reveal… it finished.


I found the movie entertaining - at laughed at the Soylent reference - as I was enjoying one at the time, and hate sushi :slight_smile:


And then later in the movie the protagonist Mae asks her friend Annie, whom she has not seen in some time, what happened and why she went home to Scotland. Annie replies, “What, besides almost ODing on speed and Soylent?” Because apparently that’s a thing. [eye roll]