Moving to a new address June 1 not sure what to do about shipping?


I am moving to a new address June 1. I don’t want to change the address now and have them ship it to my future address and I also do not want to wait until the last minute and have the ship it to my old address right after I move out. Any advice?


sign up for fedex manager. it will let you know when you have a shipment. then, if you need it to go to your new address, change it on the website. I think, just like the usps, you can let fedex know you moved.


You could also email with your question, and they may be able to help.


Generally, when you change your address with the post office, they automatically forward your mail even though it’s addressed to your old address. I’m assuming fedex offers the same service.


I think I might actually have a FedEx manager account, thanks!