Muggle food is dangerous!


I’ve been on DIY soylent for three weeks now, but my wife has been wanting to go out to dinner at a local BBQ place (owned by one of the guys from the TV show Gator Boys, if you’ve seen that…), and yesterday I was attending a symposium providing a free breakfast and lunch, so I decided to make it a muggle food day… and I injured myself with lunch. A rather nasty cut on the upper gums from potato chip consumption gone wrong. Let that be a warning to all of you!

I did enjoy chewing, though.


Heh, I wonder if this will become more prevalent in those who use Soylent regularly?
Like, we’ll forget how to eat everyday foods and they’ll become more and more dangerous to us all?

The menace of muggle food s coming to destroy us all.


you chew your food? that is so 2014


Nothin wrong with mûggle füd.

Some of my best friends are mûggles.

I just find it takes so darn long to eat, and by the time you are done you are hungry again.

But seriously… I have started having the occasional random “treat” or partial meal. I usually get half way through it and wonder what i found so appealing before. All that sugar. And salt. But I do it anyway so I don’t become completely liquid fed. There is something to be said for some solid food sliding down your throat. Feels kind of nice after a week or so of just liquids.

I did make the mistake of trying to drink a can of a popular soda of american origins. Too much sugar. Head spinning. 3/4 of the can went in the bin.


Second that. Soda knocks me out. People have become so desensitized to extreme amount of sugar and sweet in canned soda… It’s wild.


How do you react to things like flavoured potato chips, orange juice, and even the taste of alcohols?


potato chips: seem saltier than i remember, and oddly, kinda sweet. i guess they add sugar to them too.
orange juice: sweet, but i can handle it.
alcohol: can’t tell you. i am teetotal.


I think it’s hilarious that it’s not digestion problems that he’s warning us about - it’s that potato chips can cut your gums =)


Go look for the thread with the guy who swallowed his gum…


“Life- no one here gets out alive.” - Morrison


Another thing: since I started DIY soylent, most of the suggestions on Amazon are soylent-related. Today I got this suggestion:

so I want to know which one of you is eating baked soylent bones! :wink:

Many people already think soylent is weird, I wonder how friend/family/coworkers react to someone munching away on dog biscuits all day!


Better not let @isaackotlicky see it.



Honestly, yeah, I find myself annoyed at the excesses of muggle food, even after a three week hiatus from soylent. I’ve been off the forums for so long since we just had a kid and a major Jewish holiday, and I’m only now getting back into the swing of things.

So many posts to catch up on!!


More proof!



I know its been awhile but I seem to remember there was an order of operations to eating muggle food that seemed to help avoid much injury caused by such substances.

  1. inhale and hold breath
  2. insert muggle food of choice in mouth
  3. commence repeated crushing of food with teeth
  4. swallow
  5. exhale
  6. repeat as necessary

Doing these steps out of order may cause injury and/or death. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury and/or death while consuming muggle food please call the law offices of Dewey, Cheatem, and Howe.


I’m glad this thread was just necroed, because I am currently harboring a chip-related gum injury from this afternoon. The world is a dangerous place.


They should put warnings on bags of tortilla chips. Or maybe not allow triangular chips any more. Chip related injuries of triangle shaped chips vs. your classic rounded chip (Ruffles, Pringles) are 84.6% higher.

Someone start a petition. Teh interwebz command you.


I chipped at tooth on a pretzel…So far I haven’t done that on Soylent


Milk Duds got me once… yanked a crown right off!


If they’re putting warnings on tortilla chips, some breakfast cereals would be outright banned… I’m looking at you, ‘Captain Crunch-my-gums-off.’