Muggle food? more like buffy food

So I’ve picked up that some soylenteers refer to traditional food as “muggle food,” which is kind of cute and funny, but it never really clicked with me as a natural thing to call it (as much as I love some HP).

What has struck me, though, as I’ve been watching Angel recently with my girlfriend, is the parallel between Soylent and the pig’s blood that Angel drinks.

Vampires in the Buffyverse do not need to consume traditional human food to survive, but they can eat it if they want to, and some vampires do eat food on occasion for enjoyment or variety. Of course, they need to consume mammalian blood in lieu of food. So Angel, a vampire with a soul, regularly purchases pig’s blood from the butcher and keeps it in his fridge to consume. His human coworkers go about their business around him, eating food at mealtimes, and when Angel needs sustenance he just grabs a glass of liquid vamp-lunch out of the fridge. Angel still drinks coffee regularly and on some rare occasions partakes of food. Fellow vampire Spike also survives off of pig’s blood but is frequently seen eating chicken wings or Weetabix for pleasure.

So, whenever my girlfriend and I sit down to watch an episode of Angel – her with the dinner that she made and me with a bottle of Soylent that I grabbed from the fridge – it all feels quite appropriate. Even when I eat the odd order of chicken wings.

Still, somehow, I don’t think “human food” or “vampire food” are likely to catch on as Soylent slang any time soon. :smile:


I think you yourself identified why “muggle food” will always be preferable to “Buffy food,” although I think Buffy would have liked Soylent if it had been available. Angel, not so much, but no need to use vampires as our standard of evaluation. I will not inquire as to how you feel competent to compare Soylent to pig’s blood, although my wife (a Buffy fan) would surely accept the comparison without hesitation.

Addendum: do not ask why I think Buffy would like Soylent. I just know she would. And Willow would be a subscriber. 100% Soylent for her.

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I like “human food”. It’s self-deprecating.