Multi-month discount?


I ordered and received 4 months of Soylent (shipped to Washington), resident of Canada.

I am quite disappointed at the lack of a multi-month discount. There are economies of scale to shipping 1 shipment of say 160 pounds versus 4 monthly shipments of 40 pounds.

I also don’t like the idea of subscribing monthly, people go on vacation, people have a bad week, anything can happen.

I think the same level of discount should be provided to bulk orders. I want to re-order, but $1,200 for 4 months versus $1,020 for the equivalent on a subscription basis is a pretty big ask, isn’t it?

I foresee myself consuming about 3 weeks of Soylent per month, but I would much rather be in control of how much Soylent I have and how often I use it. I personally don’t think the subscription model is optimal for Soylent. Sure it makes your job tougher from a forecasting and logistics perspective, but I think it’ll increase sales.


Of course, you don’t have to use the subscription service, but instead place an order a few weeks before you run out.


I don’t think @ILoveLamp was saying that he couldn’t order 4 months at a time. I’m pretty sure what he was saying is that it should be discounted as though it were a subscription that he ended after 4 months. In addition, it would be paid for and delivered in lump sums, as opposed to 4 separate transactions and shipments.


Oh, right. I didn’t read that very carefully, apparently. In that case, I agree completely: right now, Soylent is giving a discount to the more expensive orders (one delivery each month, as opposed to one large delivery), which doesn’t make sense indeed.


I think sufficiently large orders that are not subscriptions should have discount levels applied to them. It does make more sense to ‘stock up’ on what you need rather than subscribe for something like Soylent as you’re only going to use it at the expected rate in optimal situations and that’s if it is already your plan to do so. Subscription model can’t take into account that you have a friend visiting from out of town and change eating habits to have meals with them during their visit or that you give away 5 days of soylent to interested friends and family to try.

According to how much Rosa Labs wants to encourage the subscriptions for a constant production flow rather than ‘bursting’ with a bunch of larger orders one month and then a few months of lower orders [because everyone that ordered the large orders are stocked up for the moment] would dictate the kinds of discounts offered at what monthly levels.


I am also completely for this. Any chance of something like this being in the works, @JulioMiles?


Here’s what Rob said on the fireside thread.


Is there any update on this?

I’m a few weeks away from needing to re-order. I’d like order 4-months again, but not at $300 a month, which I don’t think is fair. @JulioMiles


First world problems, yo.