Multiple food intolerances - can I have this?


I am severely intolerant to gluten, casein (milk protein) and soy protein (but NOT soy lecithin). Believe me, unpleasant experiences and trial and error have taught me this.

I am very excited about soylent and the possibility that it will help improve my energy, my mood, and my weight, as well as help me save money by having to buy far less food. However, I need to know something.

I had heard that it used whey protein as an ingredient, though apparently that was changed? Whey is milk. And it uses oat flour prominently. I have, sadly, reacted to oats before. Not “certified gluten-free oats”, but granola bars that contained oats made by a company that uses wheat in other bars. No gluten ingredients on the label; reacted anyway. It only takes minutes for me to have a reaction, and it’s a very strong one.

I need to know if soylent will contain gluten (likely in the oats), milk protein (in the whey unless it was indeed removed), and apparently it won’t contain soy protein. If it’s true that this product is meant to be allergy-friendly, then the existence of these conditions can’t be ignored.


To the best of my knowledge it doesn’t contain gluten or milk products, the latest blog update I believe was meant to include a full breakdown of the nutrients and ingredients so have a look for that.


Ingredient list has not been finalized yet, according to the most recent blog entries, actually. I’ll have to wait to know for sure. Or find out the hard way.