Multiple Subscription Question



Will the second (subscription) order be considered a “reorder” or a “new order”?

So, in the email sent on June 23, titled “Important message about your subscription”

It states that,

Multiple subscriptions:
If you would like to receive more than 28 bags of Soylent per month, you can add another subscription to your account. Just visit and place a new subscription order using the same email address as your existing subscription. The new subscription will appear in your subscription portal.

So, in the future when I subscribe my boyfriend to Soylent, will the 2nd order be considered a new order and won’t be sent with the original (monthly subscription) order when it arrives… or will it be merged, so to speak, to my original 1 month subscription and arrive whenever my shipment of Soylent arrives(For example, I order another 1 month subscription AFTER I receive my first month and 2 months worth will arrive when my second month gets shipped out).

I can tell I’ll need to edit this after I eat lunch… so I apologize for the confusion.

I’m just curious more than anything.


I signed up for a second subscription today (I cancelled my original one until they got the billing issue fixed, then never responded to my email to reactive it). They didn’t merge them. Instead, when you sign in, it gives you the option of which subscription you want to view. The new subscription also states it would ship 10-12 weeks from today, not the sign up day of the original subscription, so I wonder how that will work. Others have stated it goes by email of the original order but I have no proof of this yet.


Oh! Hm, interesting… I’m wondering how that will work also.

I’m guessing the second order will be considered a new order and have the wait time of one, especially if it stated that for you when you ordered it. But again, I’m not sure. (Thanks for the info about that!)

Oh yea, @JulioMiles (forgot to tag him in my first post)


Uh oh… this is going to be problematic for us if I’m understanding it correctly. We need somewhere around 40 bags per month, so were planning to sign up for a second subscription but staggered by maybe 2 weeks. My assumption has been that both subscriptions will be considered “reorders” but if this is not true, and the second subscription will have a 10-12 week lead time… Rosa Labs, we have a problem.

@JulioMiles can you shed some light on this? I know I’ve asked you many times for clarification on multi-subscription stuff, but it seems that it’s never quite entirely answered!


You worded the question so well, thank you! This is exactly what I am trying to find out.


If you use the same email it is considered a reorder and should ship with your other subscription at the same time. If you don’t use the same mail you will be considered a new customer with the 10-12 weeks lead time. (Julio stated it this way in a mail)


Ahh ok, that’s what I had assumed would be the case. So, if we add a second subscription but under the original email address, then it should be delivered on the same general timetable as a reorder… yes?

I’d still love it if @JulioMiles could pop in & just say “yup”. :wink:


@stp thanks for the clarification! I hope this is the case!

I’m with @vanclute, I hope JulioMiles can drop by and confirm this… since (atleast for me) it’s an only an educated guess this is the case but I don’t know for certain if it is the case(or not).


Would it really be so difficult make custom subscription sizes? Like, “I want to order 40 bags every 30 days” or something like that?


Knowing software automation as I do, I’d be inclined to say yes, it would be so difficult. But that’s based on exactly zero internal knowledge of the systems they have in place for production & shipping.


I suppose, but given the very diverse needs of their customer base, once they’re caught up with shipping they need to include an option for custom order sizes, and eventually custom Soylent mixes, though I’m sure something like that would be a long ways off, if it’s even realistically possible.


Yeah I’d sure love to see all of that happen. In due time I suppose… for now, they just need to get their basic order flow caught up. Then they can start gettin’ fancy!


All subscriptions ordered with the same email count as reorders. I had to order 3 different subscriptions to get close to an ideal amount. They all arrived at the same time.

So empirical evidence says the subscriptions are all treated the same.


Awesome, that’s actually good enough for me. Thanks! =)