Multivitamin Juice to cover roughly 10 vitamins


I found out many mulitivitamin juices cover exactly 25% or 40% of several vitamins, so I thought I could use a few hundred millilitres in my soylent and replace the missing vitamins individually. What do you think?

The first one (Rio d’oro) covers 25% of every vitamin except A, so I’d have to add 400ml of it to my daily Soylent. 2nd and 3rd juice would be 250ml.

I am not sure though which recommended daily amount is given in these tables on the packages.
If anyone could provide a table with the recommodations of different institutes that would be more than awesome.


If you want to use the juice for taste reasons, that’s your choice/right.
Keep in mind though that each mineral that you normally would have in a “Multivitamin+Minerals” supplement instead would also need to be replaced, and that could become MUCH more expensive than using such a multivitamin supplement in the first place, instead of the juice. :slight_smile:


be very careful with that:
it was very famous in the German media, profs and doctors warning: the vitamin lie!
Cochrane-Collaboration: after evaluating 67 studies about vitamin: "the intake of vitamin supplements significantly increased mortality"


So the reason given is overdosage? Well I planned to dose it perfectly like everyone else in this forum does. What is the difference between vitamins from juice or powder?


I haven’t discovered the full background of this complex problem and I just want to raise concern that serious scientists made one or two years ago. If you want to have an deeper insight in this topic you should do your own research about the Cochrane collaboration, about the vitamin studies and the “vitamin lie”