Multivitamin use with soylent


Should i consider taking a multi vitamin occasionally with soylent. And by the way this is my first post so please feel free to introduce yourselfs.


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Hi! Welcome to the forum.

Your question is not really answerable right now. Do you mean soylent or Soylent (DIY and official, respectively)? For Soylent, no, all the vitamins and minerals are included in the powder.

For soylent, the question is still unanswerable. When designing your DIY formula, you have to have sources of vitamins and minerals. These sources can be real foods (oats, for example), pure vitamin/mineral powders, vitamin and mineral powder mixes, or vitamin/mineral pills.

Since it can be quite hard to get the RDA on all vitamins and minerals, most people start out with t (near) complete multivit, and then add everything else (mostly macros and fiber). If you already know you will be using oat powder mostly, you should find a multivit that dials back a bit on the things found in oats (magnesium and fiber, iirc).

So, before we can fully answer your question, I ask you: what do you mean?

Ps: I think ruipacheco was being witty/using irony, because you are basically asking 100+ people to introduce themselves, which most have done elsewhere already. Please forgive him, he posts really useful posts regularly, and intention translates badly over The Internets.


Usually its the other way around, but hi. The answer to your question is… it depends. It depends on your personal needs - if you’re a 3’5" midget, you definitely don’t want to take a multivitamin. If you’re Shaq, then a multivitamin would be in order, as well as about a pound of extra protein, carbs, and oil per day (at a rough guess.)

Soylent will be sufficient for a majority of us in between. Metabolic quirks, genetics, lifestyle, and illness will impose different nutritional requirements that will require study, the advice of a doctor or nutritionist, and ideally, regular blood tests to identify those needs.

Most likely, though, Soylent will have everything you need. You’ve got a ton of reading if you want to understand the product, but fortunately it’s pretty well laid out on the blog. [Start here][1], from the oldest post to the newest. If you have any questions, type them in the search bar in the forums. I guarandamntee that there will be a discussion on it, probably with links to studies and university papers.

Forgive @ruipacheco for expecting the worst - we’ve had a couple individuals lately that have come across very poorly, and you’ve turned internet convention on its head with asking people to introduce themselves to you.

That being said, welcome, and enjoy - the information and ideas here are lifechanging. :smile:


Welcome to the forum, as you can tell we are chalk full of opinions. Keep reading and learning, soylent is a fascinating phenomeum (sp?) and certainly brought a diverse group of individuals together.



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