Muscle Feast Premium Protein Blend vs isolate?


I’ve been using this product as my protein because I like the idea of the whey isolate / cassein / hydrolized whey together.

Anyone have an opinion on why this is or is not better than using whey isolate by itself (which seems to show up more often in many DIY recipes)?


Are you lifting weights to gain muscle?

I like this product because it has fast digesting hydrolyzed, medium digesting isolate, and slow digesting casein. It is designed for people who want to gain muscle.


I workout, but not choosing particularly for weight lifting. I just think being closer to real food and a more time released breakdown of protein is a good idea. Since I don’t see this approach in the top recipes, I thought I might be missing something.


You are missing something… sort of. The top recipe, People Chow, is concerned more with cost per day and hitting nutrition goals. Your whey is more expensive at $16.80/lb. while the whey in People Chow is about $12/lb. depending on which seller and how much demand there has been recently.


I’ll be trying the MF proteins due to them being gluten&lactose-free. The MF price is decent at Amazon, although other brand isolates are cheaper which is why they are used more often.

Premium Blend Protein:
Whey Protein Isolate:


I’m on a break from soylent currently but when I’m on my DIY (and will return eventually) I make my “own blend” so to speak. I use Rice, Whey Isolate, Soy Isolate, and Casein. My blend is driven by several things. Price, texture, flavor, and satiety needs are all things they led me to my particular blend. Can’t speak to the MF product, just point out that you can certainly come up with your own composite of protein sources ad possibly save money in the process.