Muscle twitches all over body while on Soylent

Hey guys, I have a weird question. I’m having muscle twitches all over my body. Especially in my feet. Sometimes the calves of my legs cramp too. I’m primarily on a 100% soylent diet.

Any ideas on a possible vitamin deficiency?

I’m reading that it could be a vitamin D, B6 or B12 deficiency. What do you think? Does soylent lack an adequate amount of any of these? If so, maybe that’s my problem.

Also, it could be the vitamin D as I am not really in the sun ever unless you count driving to and from work. I suppose a little sunlight gets to me through the windows.

I have never had twitches like that and I haven’t heard of that from anyone who has been on Soylent for the majority of their calories. Also, I don’t believe Soylent is deficient in anything.

I would certainly check with your physician. It may be a condition of some sort.

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Talk to a qualified medical professional not a forum of non-doctors.

Read the nutrition label.

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I used to have that problem on my pre-Soylent diet until I began supplementing with potassium. I’ve since stopped, since Soylent has so much potassium (relative to my old diet).


Yeah the potassium should be fine, I’m not concerned that it is that. I’m thinking it may be one of the B vitamins or maybe vitamin D since I don’t really get much sunligh.

Just thought there might be others out there who’ve experienced the same.

glass blocks uv, so you’re not getting any vit. D while driving.

I was severely deficient in D for years, despite script-strength supplements. I eventually figured the risk of skin cancer (cut it off, apply a cream) was preferable to the risk of long-term D deficiency (internal organ failure) and went to a tanning bed (10 min). at my next checkup months later my levels were fine. the doc asked what I did. when I told him, he said “don’t tell your dermatologist”.
I take 10 min once every year (usually in february) and I’ve been fine ever since. (I do cover my face, because I’m vain & don’t want to age faster.)

tl;dr: go to a tanning bed. it doesn’t take much.

Years ago I would occasionally have muscle twitches. Most commonly just above my left eyebrow. This went on for years but I never got it checked. I can’t remember the last time I had any muscle twitches. But I do know that after I started to eat healthy, cut out sugars, soda, processed food, and other junk in favor of lean meats and veggies, and began to exercise daily ~5 years ago I haven’t had a single twitch frenzy occur. And since being on a ~99% Soylent diet for nearly a year while continuing my exercise routines I haven’t had any muscle twitches again.

So having had a past history of muscle twitches I can say they haven’t popped back up while on Soylent. I have never seen a doctor about it, mind you. I don’t know if it was the improved diet or exercise that helped, but Soylent hasn’t brought it back. I would also suggest consulting a doctor.

I have cramping in my calves at night while sleeping. I am on Soylent, but I believe it had been occurring prior to that.

I do have CMT (a genetic neuropathy) , and it is believed it is related to that.

You may want to get checked by a neurologist. Do you have numbness in your feet or other symptoms?

No numbness, just twitching. It’s gotten better though. I’m taking a cheap Walmart multivitamin and it seems to significantly help reduce the twitching.

Do you drink a lot of water/coffee/other liquids outside of the Soylent? It could be an electrolyte imbalance, which happens when the water dilutes the electrolytes in your body (sodium, potassium, etc.) Also, Soylent has less than the recommended amount of sodium (I think 5 bottles only provide around 65% of the DV). You may want to add more sodium, especially if you work out or are in a situation where you sweat a lot.

This happened to me once: I would drink a lot of coffee and flavored water outside of the Soylent, and I noticed some intense twitching at times. When I went without that, the twitching stopped.

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That could be it! I was on 1.5 and could not stand the taste of it at all, so I would take a serving (two scoops) and dilute it with 32oz of water.

Muscle twitches or cramps are a frequent symptom of magnesium deficiency.
When symptoms persist, you might consider supplementing additional magnesium.
Especially because the magnesium in Soylent is magnesium oxide, a far less bio-available form of magnesium compared to other forms such as magnesium citrate.


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My guess would be an electrolyte imbalance of some sort. But without a blood test, it would only be a guess. Let us know once you been to a doctor about it, specially if you could share any blood work data.

I’ve been getting tons of eye twitches and also occasional cramps (legs, feet) as well. I’m chalking it up to not enough water + too much caffeine right now. (I find it hard to drink enough non-alcohol/coffee in winter) At the same time, I’ve noticed I’ve been getting a bit of body odour, too - something I’ve never had before. Kinda weird, considering my diet hasn’t changed one iota in well over a year.

The magnesium angle is interesting - I’ve seen it mentioned in conjunction with body odour before, as well.

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If I ever start twitching, coffee will be my first suspect.


for what it’s worth, I had the same experience after 100% 2.0. it became so severe I had to stop consuming Soylent. once resuming my pre-soylent diet the symptoms disappeared.

the problem with “talking to your doctor” is that in most case they are probably going to just tell you to stop consuming soylent, which is probably not what you want to hear.

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Hmmm any ideas on what may have caused it?

How long had you been consuming 100% 2.0?

Definitely. Not even because it’s not what you want to hear, but I can’t imagine it not being their initial knee-jerk reaction. For a few reasons.

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